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So you’re either: a) visiting Busan from elsewhere, or b) you find yourself inebriated in a far-away part of town and you don’t want to pay for a cab home. WHAT TO DO?!

Why, stay in a love motel, of course! Here is a map of areas where there are high concentrations of motels in NAMPO, SEOMYEON, GWANGALLI, PNU AREA, HAEUNDAE, and SONGDO.

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  1. So on the topic of “Love Motels”; its true that for 20-40 kilowon, you can get a clean room to crash in and sleep off the nights indulgence. However, on my latest foray into the Busan Perimeter, I found that if you are interested in a bit more, you can find some AMAZING “love motels”. The prices range from a reasonable 45 kilowon, up to my current abode, 120 kilowon for a two story, 2 bathroom, three TV, hot tub in the center of the first floor fuc%ing incredible party palace. TAKE THAT Busan Lotte! (Of course, the Bed is still a Love Motel..esque Rock)
    A good website for finding these gems is “Hotels 365”. The Busan link for reference is:

    Party rooms, great suites, good rooms that are well above standard love motel quality and decor, but not too badly above love motel pricing!


  2. I know it’s a long shot since this was so long ago, but anychance you or someone else could tell me where that 2-floor party room is? I’d love to find something like that for my birthday.

    Also, is there an English option for hotel365.com? Can’t find it on the site.


    • Ahh, not quite sure what you’re talking about with a 2-floor party room. Do you have any more info there?

    • Also, not sure what hotel365 is. I went and it was just one of those weird placeholder pages.

  3. Both of my questions are in response to Mike’s comment. Hopefully that is still showing up.

    • ahh yeah, it is. I think if you hit “reply” to mike’s comment and re-post your question (rather than leaving a whole new comment), he might be notified by email and would be able to answer you better than I.

  4. Hey Mike! Any chance you can give me some more info on that 2-floor party palace? Thanks!

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