Sep 092013
Book Street, Nampodong

By Emma O’Flynn Nestled in the narrow little streets just beyond Gukje Markets, is the cute and quaint, and adeptly named Book Street.  This place is all about the books.  Tiny little stores are stacked from floor to ceiling with books and magazines of every shape and size. Though the selection of English books available […]

Jun 212013
콩 밭 ㅔ (Kong Bat Eh) Korean Buffet, Nampo

By Emma O’Flynn When it comes to dining out in Nampo, budget vegetarian options are pretty limited. So this little place was a great find, even though it’s not strictly vegetarian. Located in the basement, with a very unassuming entrance, Korean Banchan (side-dish) Heaven awaits. One does not go to this place for the Kimchi Jigae, or the […]

Apr 102013
Loving Hut's (near) Nampodong Location

**UPDATED 4/25/2014: CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS FOR THE LOCATION OF THE NEW ONE NEAR GUDEOK STADIUM!!   Note, this location is closer to Dongdaesin than Nampodong! By: Emma O’Flynn Calling all vegetarians!  Life in Korea can be challenging as a vegetarian, even more so as a vegan.  So when friend introduced me to Loving Hut in […]

Feb 122013
Overnight in Siloam Jimjilbang-Seoul

Hidden Sanctuary by Seoul Station  BY Emma O’Flynn   Busan!  Great city, all the trappings, fun place, right on the ocean, fabulous!  And there’s even an airport!  Our very own Gimhae airport with flights to…hum…not that many places actually.  And hold on, the prices are craaaazzzzy!  We all have had, or will have, that experience […]