Mar 062013
Valance Burger- PNU

By JULIAN STOUT   Well Balanced Nutrition:” quite a bold statement. Bolder still when printed in large block letters above the picture of a supersized burger on a brightly lit example of restaurant signage. Somehow I’m not entirely convinced. There’s something that seems almost too good to be true about those two going together. The […]

Apr 132011
Breeze Burn's: A chain review

BREEZE BURN’S LOCATIONS: Nampo; Seomyeon; Gwangan-li; Haeundae; Jangsan Whenever I go to a Breeze Burn’s with my fiance, she orders a burger and the waitress starts walking away. WAIT! I want a burger too! The waitress usually gives one of those ‘Tim the Tool Man Taylor’-esque “uuuHHHHHH?”‘s. You want two burgers? Then looking around at […]

Apr 062011
Aussie Burger - Kyungsung burger joint

When Aussie Burger opened up a couple months ago, it marked the third burger spot in Kyungsung (I’m excluding places that have burgers, but aren’t necessarily burger joints), which is a lot, if you think about it. There’s Thomas Grill, Burger Hunter and now Aussie Burger. I know that it’s maybe because it’s fresh in […]

Mar 162011
Thomas Grill

This is an excellent spot for burgers and beer. The burgers are probably the best I’ve had in the Kyungsung area, beating out Burger Hunter, in my humble opinion. The only problem is that it never seems to be open. They tend to close early (around 9), and if you go in the afternoon, you […]

Mar 162011
Farmer's Original Handmade Hamburger

I often think of my life as a never-ending quest for good burgers. While that may be a little sad, I do feel completely at peace when I find a place that sells good hamburgers. And Farmer’s burgers is one of those places. With two similar-yet-different locations in Nampo-dong, this is a fantastic place to […]