Apr 102013
Charlie Brown Cafe PNU

By JULIAN STOUT To be perfectly frank South Korea has more than enough options for buying a cup of coffee. Cafes are  a dime a dozen, ranging from your one-on-every-street-corner, ubiquitous corporate conglomerate of convenience, to the prolific hole in a wall coffee corners stacked one atop the other; each positively glowing in its carefully […]

Apr 102013
Loving Hut's (near) Nampodong Location

**UPDATED 4/25/2014: CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS FOR THE LOCATION OF THE NEW ONE NEAR GUDEOK STADIUM!!   Note, this location is closer to Dongdaesin than Nampodong! By: Emma O’Flynn Calling all vegetarians!  Life in Korea can be challenging as a vegetarian, even more so as a vegan.  So when friend introduced me to Loving Hut in […]

Mar 112013
Savoy- Seomyeon

Note: The Fresh Fries Factory has been REBORN in to Savoy! The previously known and loved ‘Fresh Fries Factory’ has been reborn as ‘Savoy’ and is bigger and better than ever. The best fish and chips in Seomyeon is back after a short hiatus, with a couple of additions to the menu, the quality is […]

Mar 062013
Valance Burger- PNU

By JULIAN STOUT   Well Balanced Nutrition:” quite a bold statement. Bolder still when printed in large block letters above the picture of a supersized burger on a brightly lit example of restaurant signage. Somehow I’m not entirely convinced. There’s something that seems almost too good to be true about those two going together. The […]