Mar 282012
Coffee Factory - Nampo and Seomyeon

BY ALEX ROCHE This independent coffee shop mini-chain actually has two locations in Nampo that are only about a block from each other, and one in Seomyeon.  All three of the shops offer great coffee and herbal tea.  If you’re an espresso fan be sure to try the espresso compania.  I love the vanilla latte […]

Jun 212011
Oak CnC cafe - Kyungsung

My fiancé and I started our EFL teaching stint in Prague. I don’t know if you’ve ever been, but Prague=beer. Cheap beer. And good beer. While I totally miss the beer, what I miss more is the atmosphere of the beer-drinking establishments. Beer gardens are of course high on that list, as are the regular […]

May 112011
Adagio Coffee Roasting House - Jangsan

I’m sure I’ve previously mentioned my utter disdain for the Busan section of the Lonely Planet Korea.  This is no slam on the guy who wrote it, since  I’ve got no idea what kind of limits or requirements they put on him.  Still, the Busan section is small, inaccurate, lists Holly’s coffee as one of […]

May 022011
Puppy Cafe: Jangsan

I’ve never been a dog person. In America it seemed like all my friends had or were getting dogs. It started to annoy me. Every house party I went to would have about fifteen dogs running around. They’d jump on people, they’d knock stuff over. It’ wasn’t like I hated them or anything. I didn’t […]

Apr 202011
Cappuccino - a cafe in Kyungsung

We’re on the 3rd floor trying to get some work done, but the two college students a few tables over are smoking like factories and playing the loudest damn game of Kawi Bawi Bo I’ve ever heard in my life. It goes on like that for five more minutes, and we’re starting to get perturbed […]

Apr 062011
Matahari, coffee, food, drinks, hanging out; PNU

*UPDATE: March 2014: we’re not sure if Matahari is still around! Anyone have some more info??* I love the college feel of the PNU neighborhood. Like Hongdae in Seoul, in contrast to Kyungsung, PNU has that universal University neighborhood feel to it. Streets busy with groups of students. People sitting in bars, drinking and reading […]

Mar 232011
Cordelia Coffee Roastary

Jangsan is a great section of Busan in which to live. Walk fifteen minutes one way and you’re at Haeundae beach. Fifteen minutes the other way, and you’re at the foot of Jangsan mountain. All the conveniences you need are within a few blocks. Still it lacks some of the independent character that makes other […]

Mar 222011
Painted Chair: The Gallery Cafe (Kyungsung)

***CLOSED AS OF 7/2013???*** Right as you walk up the stairs to the Painted Chair, you’ll see that this cafe has more character than most others (if not ALL others). Tiny chairs pepper the stairwell, leading the way up to the Terrace Cafe on the 2nd floor and the Gallery Cafe on the 3rd floor […]