Feb 052013
I Make Cake Café Haeundae

WORD ON THE STREET IS THAT THESE GUYS ARE CLOSED 내가만들미케 By Hannah Augur   Whether you’re a dude hunting for an awesome date idea, or a pack of girls searching for somewhere to spend the afternoon, cake cafes are not only fun, but delicious. On the sidewalk outside stands a sign detailing all of […]

Sep 212011
My 10 favorite Gimbap Cheonguk dishes

I tend to assume that regular visits to Gimbap Cheonguk are a staple for any foreigner living in Korea.  During my two and a half years I’ve visited some variation of this ubiquitous Korean eatery at least twice a week.  Still, I occasionally run into people who avoid it.  Some people are intimidated by the […]

Jul 012011
Hinomura Japanese Restaurant - Jangsan

Review by Heesun Kim It’s Friday night and there’s a good crowd at Hinomura, a Japanese style restaurant in the Jangsan neighborhood, Busan. The setting and casual, with a dozen or so tables and a counter by the chef’s kitchen where more customers sit. Looking through the menu we struggle somewhat with the Japanese and […]

May 302011
The Home Bistro - Haeundae Beach

The summer beach season is coming and Haeundae beach is once again becoming the popular spot to hang out. This was very evident on Sunday when a mid-afternoon planned trip to Geckos for lunch and beer was derailed due to a lack of outdoor seating and a one-hour wait for food. We considered trying to […]

Apr 192011
Tasty Tasty Juk - Bon Juk Porridge Restaurant

Post by Melissa Tait [Bon Juk serves Korean ‘porridge,’ and you can find numerous locations of this chain all over the city. We listed (and mapped) some locations in the bigger neighborhoods beneath the review. One of the Seomyeon locations is reviewed below.] I’d never tried this dish before coming to Korea, but now I […]

Apr 132011
Breeze Burn's: A chain review

BREEZE BURN’S LOCATIONS: Nampo; Seomyeon; Gwangan-li; Haeundae; Jangsan Whenever I go to a Breeze Burn’s with my fiance, she orders a burger and the waitress starts walking away. WAIT! I want a burger too! The waitress usually gives one of those ‘Tim the Tool Man Taylor’-esque “uuuHHHHHH?”‘s. You want two burgers? Then looking around at […]

Mar 302011
Taco Senora and JK Factory

Is this place closed? Can anyone back this up?           I should preface this by noting that I’m not picky about Mexican food. I love American style burritos, a la Chipotle. We never had much authentic Mexican food around Pittsburgh when I was growing up, and what I did have never […]

Mar 232011
Black Knight - late night food in Haeundae

Before you get all excited (because Lord knows I did), this is NOT a Batman-themed bar. Bummer! However, if you’re looking for a place in Haeundae to get some good Korean food late at night, then Black Knight could be the answer to all your problems. I guess the name is appropriate. The interior is […]

Mar 212011
Wolfhound Pub

Despite having only been in business for a few months, the Busan Wolfhound seems to have quickly become the go-to place for foreigners in Haeundae.  Having visited the Itaewon, Seoul location on a few occasions during a previous stint in Korea, I wasn’t really looking forward to the Busan location.  The one in Itaewon kind […]

Mar 162011
Namaste: A Taste of India

I really like Indian food.  Every time I eat it, it takes me back to college in Pittsburgh.  The big Indian restaurant on campus, India Garden, had a half price menu after 11 PM.  Two to three nights a week, groups of us would go and sample all the different curries while watching loud, colorful, […]