Dec 212012
Lzone Language Cafe + International Party on Weekends!

BY STEFAN BROWN During the day, Lzone Language Cafe might seem an unassuming, fourth-floor coffee vendor with an uncommonly high concentration of foreigners.  If you were to hang out long enough, you’d realize that you weren’t just in a cafe, but a language school as well, albeit a very chill one, run on volunteer labor.  About the same time you […]

Apr 152012
Mystery Ship Bar - "Radio Bar" - KSU

*For more info on Radio Bar, check out the comments below! Thanks to Matthew Sidgreaves for the info! I was led to what I later found out is called “Radio Bar” late on a Saturday night about 10 months ago, and I didn’t quite remember how to get there, or what the name was. Since it […]

Feb 022012
Busan Music Scene

BY MELISSA TAIT Do you like live music? I know I do. At the age of 19 I thought I would be the world’s next Lester Bangs and spread the word about the revolutionary music scene in Sydney. Well, there was pretty good music but calling it a scene was pretty laughable. There were just a […]

Jan 092012
Blue Monkey Club - Kyungsung

I don’t really think ‘club’ when I think of Busan. I don’t necessarily think of ‘high-end’ either. But that’s the impression I got when I strolled into Blue Monkey, a joint with a fancy, clubby feel. The music is always blasting here, so go on down and cut a rug.     Directions: Kyungsung metro […]

Dec 072011
Eva's - KSU

Eva’s is a popular, comfortable expat bar with a local feel. Prices are fairly comparable to other expat bars – beers are about 3k, and there are other drink specials.    Directions: Kyungsung metro exit 3. Walk straight out and take your first right. Go down one-and-a-half blocks. Eva’s is on your left, on the […]

Dec 052011

BY MICHAEL FRAIMAN It is inevitable that expat Westerners will miss expat Western luxuries: good beer, a cheap pepperoni slice, fish fillets that don’t surprise your gums by stabbing them repeatedly while you chew. In my case, jazz was that tall order, that distinctly smoky, late-night, sombre music that permeates small coffee shops and my […]

Oct 142011
Used Books in KSU - Fully Booked

BY MELISSA TAIT Fully Booked is a cafe/bar/restaurant/second hand bookstore in KSU that creates a very cosy vibe and literary atmosphere. It opened in September and filled a hole needed by the local English speaking community. Obviously, books are heavy and not great for travelling, but reading is awesome. So most people here acquire a couple of books, […]

Mar 162011
Ayuta Indian Pub

If you need a chill place to get a nice dinner or to relax before heavy boozing, then Ayuta is your best bet. Theatmosphere is unrivaled in all of the Kyungdae area. About eight little “grottos” are set up around the sizable place. Relaxing music plays (with the occasional wonderful, but misplaced, Daft Punk song) as […]