Dec 302011
Where to Get Cheap Food: Kyungsung (KSU) and PKNU

Now that you’ve spent all your KRW’s on presents and booze, you’ll need to cut back from somewhere in your budget. Eating is good, but cheap eating is better. Here are some options for those in the KSU/PKNU area who are monetarily challenged. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for a map.) Takkoyaki stand […]

Oct 142011
Used Books in KSU - Fully Booked

BY MELISSA TAIT Fully Booked is a cafe/bar/restaurant/second hand bookstore in KSU that creates a very cosy vibe and literary atmosphere. It opened in September and filled a hole needed by the local English speaking community. Obviously, books are heavy and not great for travelling, but reading is awesome. So most people here acquire a couple of books, […]

Sep 212011
My 10 favorite Gimbap Cheonguk dishes

I tend to assume that regular visits to Gimbap Cheonguk are a staple for any foreigner living in Korea.  During my two and a half years I’ve visited some variation of this ubiquitous Korean eatery at least twice a week.  Still, I occasionally run into people who avoid it.  Some people are intimidated by the […]

Sep 042011
Fondue Samgyeopsal at Shik Shin Ga - Kyungsung

I love samgyeopsal, but I’m in no way a connoisseur when it comes to meat. I tend to like everything no matter what. With all the different meat tasting relatively the same and all the different restaurants offering relatively the same experience, it makes finding a “great” or “special” samgyeopsal place a pretty difficult task. […]

May 132011
Shanghai Chinese Bar/Restaurant - Kyungsung

I like Chinese food. I like the stuff they make in America, I like the take-out places in Europe, and I like the real stuff in China. That being said, I’m also no purist when it comes to Chinese cuisine. If it tastes good, then I’m happy. If it’s bad, then I’m not. I’ve had […]

Apr 192011
Tasty Tasty Juk - Bon Juk Porridge Restaurant

Post by Melissa Tait [Bon Juk serves Korean ‘porridge,’ and you can find numerous locations of this chain all over the city. We listed (and mapped) some locations in the bigger neighborhoods beneath the review. One of the Seomyeon locations is reviewed below.] I’d never tried this dish before coming to Korea, but now I […]

Apr 062011
Aussie Burger - Kyungsung burger joint

When Aussie Burger opened up a couple months ago, it marked the third burger spot in Kyungsung (I’m excluding places that have burgers, but aren’t necessarily burger joints), which is a lot, if you think about it. There’s Thomas Grill, Burger Hunter and now Aussie Burger. I know that it’s maybe because it’s fresh in […]

Mar 302011
Aiola Italian Restaurant, Kyungsung

This Italian restaurant in Kyungsung is great – but it becomes FANTASTIC in the warmer months when you can sit on one of the patio decks on the first or 2nd floors. We’ve mentioned it on here a lot that it’s hard to find true patio seating in Korea, but this has one of the […]

Mar 222011
Just a Taste - NOW CLOSED

AW MAN, IT’S CLOSED??!?!?! (5/7/2012) I was pretty excited to try this place out.  I originally read about it on a message board, someone saying there was finally a good place get pad thai in the Kyungsung area.  That was, of course, followed by lengthy debates about the authenticity, and the woes of being a […]

Mar 162011
Onigiri and Gyudong

So you’re wandering around Kyungsung/Pukyung and you want someplace cheap, but don’t feel like eating Kimbap Cheonguk. You think about getting a couple cheeseburgers at McDonalds, but then you think of how you already ate McDonald’s 3 times this week. While you might not have that exact problem (but lord knows I do), then Onigiri […]