Jul 252011

***UPDATE: I hear there are some new regulations for taking the GMAT and GRE online – maybe computer-based GRE is now offered? Careful with taking this article’s info as complete fact (Nov 6, 2012)*** Since graduating from university six or so years ago, I’ve gone my fair share of the customary ‘what am I gonna […]

Jun 012011
2 Days in Busan: A kick-ass itinerary for a rockin weekend

For all the folks living outside of Busan, it’s going to be beach season soon, so now’s the perfect time to head to Busan for a weekend trip before the masses hit the beaches. We’ve put together a sample itinerary for a kick-ass 2-day trip to Busan and our motel guide. So ditch your Lonely […]

May 062011
Free Korean Class and Language Swap Program

by MELISSA TAIT Jeoneun hangug-eo leul moshaeyo. I don’t speak Korean at all. This is a phrase that many forigners should know. I should know it too but I just Google translated it then. Before coming to Korea I had many intentions of becoming fluent in Korean within a month…or six weeks perhaps. I had already worked through […]

Apr 122011
Notes on Pet Ownership in Korea

Article by Melissa Tait Have you ever come across a crowd of people huddled around a box of adorable puppies, kittens or rabbits in the street? The adorable little animals tumble around in their box and your first instinct is to take one home and give them as great a life as they can have. […]

Mar 192011

It’s Monday, and I show up to my hagwon’s teachers’ room at five-till-one. I look around and notice that two of the Korean teachers’ desks have been cleared out. Did they quit? I’m the only one in there at that point so I can’t ask anyone. I try to remember: Did either of them say anything to me about it last […]

Mar 162011
Biking in Busan: The Joys and Pains

BY TOM McKEE So you’ve decided to get a bike.  Congratulations on your momentous step toward a healthier lifestyle, environmental sustainability, new found airs of preachy self-importance, and all-around fun!  Despite the reigning popular opinion, Busan can be a very nice place to ride a bike. I’ve been biking to and from work about three […]