Aug 222011
Taejongdae Hiking

After several visits solely for the purpose of eating at the clam tents, I finally took a few hours to hike around the famous cliffs of Taejongdae Park. As far as hikes go, this one doesn’t compare with Igidae or Amnam Park, but it’s still a nice little walk. It’s particularly suited for those who […]

May 042011
Songdo Haesoopia Spa & Jjimjilbang

I’ve only been to, what, five different jjimjilbangs now? And maybe it’s because I’m starting to like them more and more, but it seems like every new jjimjilbang I go to is better than the ones I visited previously. My newest favorite, and probably one of the nicest and most unique that I’ve been to […]

Apr 132011
Why I Love Jagalchi Fish Market

One of the first places I almost always take friends that visit Busan is Jagalchi fish market.  It’s a strange place.  While it’s a pretty well-established place to visit, the fish market is a bit of an oddity.  Going and watching old women gut and chop up dead fish is not exactly akin to relaxing […]

Mar 162011
Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park

Yongdusan Park is possibly the most accessible park in Busan, in terms of proximity to the city. Go shopping in Nampo, and hop on the escalator (see the picture of the entrance), and it’ll whisk you up to Yongdusan Park. The first thing you’ll see is Busan Tower, towering (ha!) over Busan at 120 meters, […]