Apr 122013
Galmaetgil Trails 갈매길

By LAURA TEAGUE   The Galmaetgil trails span across Busan, about half of them wind along the extensive coastline, giving them the name “Seagull Path” in Hangeul. They explore all the best that this wonderful city of ours has to offer, the whole shebang covers around 270km, so where to start? Here’s your super awesome and helpful guide […]

Apr 102013
Charlie Brown Cafe PNU

By JULIAN STOUT To be perfectly frank South Korea has more than enough options for buying a cup of coffee. Cafes are  a dime a dozen, ranging from your one-on-every-street-corner, ubiquitous corporate conglomerate of convenience, to the prolific hole in a wall coffee corners stacked one atop the other; each positively glowing in its carefully […]

Mar 252013
Galmaetgil Course Two: Part 1 – Dalmaji Hill to Gwangalli Beach.

By LAURA TEAGUE (this is part 1 of a 2 part series, to see the second half of the walk go here) All across Busan are ‘hiking’ or walking trails that cover the city. They wind though the most beautiful sightseeing spots, and the best tourist places. The word ‘갈맷길’ is a hybrid of the […]

Mar 122013
Lotte Giants Schedule 2013

Scroll down to see schedule! One of THE BEST things to do in Busan is to go to a Lotte Giants game. Busan loves the Lotte Giants and it’s clear when you go to the games – fans are loud – singing, cheering, and drinking throughout the game. It’s a breath of fresh air after […]

Mar 062013
Valance Burger- PNU

By JULIAN STOUT   Well Balanced Nutrition:” quite a bold statement. Bolder still when printed in large block letters above the picture of a supersized burger on a brightly lit example of restaurant signage. Somehow I’m not entirely convinced. There’s something that seems almost too good to be true about those two going together. The […]

Feb 032013
Sushi and Roll PNU

By Fiona Van Tyne   Exceptional sushi in Busan is easy to come by. I cannot count the number of rolls and pieces of raw fish that I have enjoyed here. For me, living somewhere completely landlocked, sushi was something that was terribly expensive and only good half the time. I have been lucky in […]

Jan 072013
Farmers - PNU

*This restaurant has no affiliation with Farmers Burgers in Nampo* by FIONA VAN TYNE You don’t have to go far to find western food in Korea. Hamburgers, Spaghetti and Fried chicken are in every area and in great abundance, that is if you know where to look. Though when going out with friends for western […]

Nov 192012
A Guide to Deokcheon

By F. DUCKLEFORD ***This article has been edited a lot. For F. Duckleford’s trademark style and flair, check out his website “American in Busan“… hilarious, but perhaps not safe for work.*** Deokcheon is the best place to live that isn’t a beach, campus, or Seomyeon. It has changed drastically in the last two years, developing […]

May 182012
Taeguk Village

BY BENJAMIN COWLES Of the many benefits of courting a Korean lady, one of the best has to be their ability to discover interesting and off-the-severely-beaten-path type of places Busan has hidden away. My girlfriend outdid herself when she pulled out her smartphone and discovered Taeguk Village*. (*Village used in a strictly Asian population sense)