Jun 172011
Amby's Restaurant - Texas Street

For being a big Asian city of 3.6 million people, Busan’s population is awfully homogenous. Part of the charm of going out on Texas Street is just getting to hang with people of other nationalities, and enjoying an atypical night out where you manage not to hang out in the same ‘ol hofs or expat […]

Jun 092011
Asian food markets at Sasang

Ah yes, the famed Asian food markets at Sasang. I had always heard about these markets, but had never tried them, mostly because I don’t know how to cook. Anything. Luckily, my fiance is into cooking, so off we went to the markets. After some wandering around, we finally found them and were not at […]

Apr 192011
Tasty Tasty Juk - Bon Juk Porridge Restaurant

Post by Melissa Tait [Bon Juk serves Korean ‘porridge,’ and you can find numerous locations of this chain all over the city. We listed (and mapped) some locations in the bigger neighborhoods beneath the review. One of the Seomyeon locations is reviewed below.] I’d never tried this dish before coming to Korea, but now I […]

Apr 192011
Taejongdae Clam Tents - Yeongdo Island

This is a strange memory, but I remember being 14 years old and watching a random show on the Discovery Channel or something similar on Okinawa. The people in the show were diving into piles of squid and clams and other strange sea aliens that I didn’t know the names of. It was cool when I […]

Apr 182011
Cave Bar, "Dragon Dream" in Beomil-dong

**CAVE BAR AIN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE. The menu isn’t the same (way more expensive), the pajeon is no longer, but apparently there IS still dongdongju. The good news is that it’s still in a cave. That’s about it. See comments for more info. I do believe it’s still open, despite some saying that […]