Apr 292012
In the Market for a Cultural Hub? - Gupo Market, Deokcheon

BY MICHAEL BURTON If Deokcheon is growing in reputation as the epicentre for vibrancy in Busan’s North West then Gupo Market is the jewel in its crown. Whether you’re looking to do your weekly shopping, indulge in some authentic Korean cuisine or just take a gentle stroll through a cultural hub then Gupo Market can […]

Apr 092012
Dadaepo Beach

Dadaepo Beach is far, far away, but if you get there, you won’t be disappointed. It’s in the process of being torn up and generally made nicer, so it has a little less ‘landscaped’ feel than the other beaches. That shouldn’t be a problem, though; you can still have a great beach day there. The […]

Feb 292012
The Five Most Underrated Districts in Busan

BY MICHAEL FRAIMAN Seomyeon is the new Nampo, Kyungsung is the new PNU, Haeundae is where white people live, yadda yadda. If Busan is starting to feel a bit stale (i.e., you’re sick of hearing “Want to go to Seomyeon?” / “Sure, meet at The Spot?” or “Fuck it, let’s just go to Thursday Party”), […]

Feb 022012
Busan Music Scene

BY MELISSA TAIT Do you like live music? I know I do. At the age of 19 I thought I would be the world’s next Lester Bangs and spread the word about the revolutionary music scene in Sydney. Well, there was pretty good music but calling it a scene was pretty laughable. There were just a […]

Jan 242012
The Box: Asian Street Food Restaurant

Article by Melissa Tait I like Korean food. In fact, I love Korean food. I like Korean food much more than Australian food which is basically vegemite and kangaroo sausages (kanga bangas). What I miss from Australia is the Westernised Chinese and Thai food, which Sydney is full of and you can find everywhere. A great place to get […]

Oct 192011
Busan Fireworks Festival Information

Everybody loves fireworks.  They’re loud, they’re bright, they’re colorful.  They provide all the excitement of an alien invasion without the pesky casualties and ensuing enslavement.  And what better setting than relaxing on a blanket, looking out at the picturesque Diamond bridge along Gwangalli beach?  Maybe sipping wine, sharing a romantic evening, just you, that special […]

Oct 182011
A Walk Through Igidae

BY MICHAEL FRAIMAN To Westerners, Yongho-Dong’s Igidae Park is one of Busan’s lesser-known scenic trails. It’s basically the city’s “other coastline”—look straight and you can see Haeundae beach; look left and you face the Gwangali bridge. It’s also teeming with native Koreans out for a two-and-a-half-hour afternoon stroll, or setting up fishing posts along the […]

Sep 212011
My 10 favorite Gimbap Cheonguk dishes

I tend to assume that regular visits to Gimbap Cheonguk are a staple for any foreigner living in Korea.  During my two and a half years I’ve visited some variation of this ubiquitous Korean eatery at least twice a week.  Still, I occasionally run into people who avoid it.  Some people are intimidated by the […]

Sep 072011
Hotaru Japanese Restaurant - CLOSED

A few weeks ago we got a recommendation for the Hotaru Japanese Restaurant in Gwangalli. I’d read some borderline pornographic reviews on Koreabridge of the miso ramen, so I decided I probably ought to check it out. I wasn’t terribly excited about the prospects of spending almost 7,000 won on a bowl of ramen. To […]