May 042011
Songdo Haesoopia Spa & Jjimjilbang

I’ve only been to, what, five different jjimjilbangs now? And maybe it’s because I’m starting to like them more and more, but it seems like every new jjimjilbang I go to is better than the ones I visited previously. My newest favorite, and probably one of the nicest and most unique that I’ve been to […]

May 032011
십대의 천국 Teenager Heaven Jang Woo Dong, Dongdaeshin

Post by Melissa Tait I teach a few days a week in Dongdaeshin and well, it’s not exactly excitement plus. There’s a main street with a cool stationary store, a Home Plus and …. even a Pizza Hut. There are actually quite a few cheap and easy lunch options that have familiar menus. There’s a […]

Apr 282011
Tremare Italian Restaurant, Gwangalli Beach

I was embarassed as soon as we walked into Tremare. There were three tables occupied by couples that were looking, well, not like bums. Unfortunately, WE were looking like bums, and I imagined a record scratching and everyone staring as we walked into the place. Having spent a (hung-over) day on the beach, we were […]

Apr 252011
Bong G - Wine cocktails to go on Gwangalli Beach

If you’ve ever been to Hongdae in Seoul, you probably know about Vinyl, where you get mixed drinks in vinyl plastic bags. It’s awesome, and it’s a mystery as to why something like that isn’t around more in Europe or places where it’s legal to drink in the street. Amazing. Bong G is Gwangalli’s poor […]

Apr 192011
Tasty Tasty Juk - Bon Juk Porridge Restaurant

Post by Melissa Tait [Bon Juk serves Korean ‘porridge,’ and you can find numerous locations of this chain all over the city. We listed (and mapped) some locations in the bigger neighborhoods beneath the review. One of the Seomyeon locations is reviewed below.] I’d never tried this dish before coming to Korea, but now I […]

Apr 192011
Taejongdae Clam Tents - Yeongdo Island

This is a strange memory, but I remember being 14 years old and watching a random show on the Discovery Channel or something similar on Okinawa. The people in the show were diving into piles of squid and clams and other strange sea aliens that I didn’t know the names of. It was cool when I […]

Apr 182011
Cave Bar, "Dragon Dream" in Beomil-dong

**CAVE BAR AIN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE. The menu isn’t the same (way more expensive), the pajeon is no longer, but apparently there IS still dongdongju. The good news is that it’s still in a cave. That’s about it. See comments for more info. I do believe it’s still open, despite some saying that […]

Apr 142011
UNIQLO Stores in Busan (and hours)

After a cumulative year and a half in Korea, my wardrobe is primarily made up of UNIQLO stuff. It’s one of the two places that I actually buy clothes here (the other is Adidas), and on any given day, at least something on my body is made by the aforementioned clothier. So when I heard […]

Apr 132011
Breeze Burn's: A chain review

BREEZE BURN’S LOCATIONS: Nampo; Seomyeon; Gwangan-li; Haeundae; Jangsan Whenever I go to a Breeze Burn’s with my fiance, she orders a burger and the waitress starts walking away. WAIT! I want a burger too! The waitress usually gives one of those ‘Tim the Tool Man Taylor’-esque “uuuHHHHHH?”‘s. You want two burgers? Then looking around at […]

Apr 062011
Matahari, coffee, food, drinks, hanging out; PNU

*UPDATE: March 2014: we’re not sure if Matahari is still around! Anyone have some more info??* I love the college feel of the PNU neighborhood. Like Hongdae in Seoul, in contrast to Kyungsung, PNU has that universal University neighborhood feel to it. Streets busy with groups of students. People sitting in bars, drinking and reading […]