Apr 052011
Chungnyeolsa Shrine

It was my first morning in Busan. I awoke around 4:30AM, sweaty, confused, in a circular love motel bed, surrounded by mirrors. I’d arrived around 10PM the previous night and had to cancel plans to meet friends for the simple reason that nobody could tell me where, in Busan, I was. I tossed and turned […]

Apr 042011
Sale n Pepe - Italian restaurant in PNU

So there I am in PNU, starving, possibly about to eat my own arm. My friends are getting restless too. We were at a Lotte Giants game, and afterwards went to PNU for some shopping. However, we made the mistake of putting off our meal until now, and the situation has become dire. One of […]

Apr 042011
The Basement - PNU

Part of the Busan Music Scene The Basement is one of those places that everybody in Busan is supposed to know about. Mentions of it are often prefaced with phrases like legendary and the most popular expat bar in Busan. For months now, when it’s been brought up, I’ve been pretending that I’ve been there. […]