Apr 102013
Charlie Brown Cafe PNU

By JULIAN STOUT To be perfectly frank South Korea has more than enough options for buying a cup of coffee. Cafes are  a dime a dozen, ranging from your one-on-every-street-corner, ubiquitous corporate conglomerate of convenience, to the prolific hole in a wall coffee corners stacked one atop the other; each positively glowing in its carefully […]

Apr 062011
Matahari, coffee, food, drinks, hanging out; PNU

*UPDATE: March 2014: we’re not sure if Matahari is still around! Anyone have some more info??* I love the college feel of the PNU neighborhood. Like Hongdae in Seoul, in contrast to Kyungsung, PNU has that universal University neighborhood feel to it. Streets busy with groups of students. People sitting in bars, drinking and reading […]