Mar 252013
Galmaetgil Course Two: Part 2 –Gwangalli Beach to Oryukdo

By Laura Teague (this is the second half of a 2 part hike, to see part 1 go here) This is definitely a walk to test your hamstrings and calves. It’s a nice flat 3km away from Gwangalli beach around the coast, and then a grueling 5km of stairs up and down all the way […]

Mar 062012
Notes on Running My First 10k, Both in Korea and Ever

BY MICHAEL FRAIMAN In anticipation of Busan’s upcoming 5k/10k/half-marathon race near Bexco on March 25 (application deadline Mar. 9; no English website; roughly 30,000 won), some friends and I traveled north to Ulsan on March 1, Korean Independence Day, at the too-early hour of 7 a.m. for an early Spring taste of what running is […]

Jan 082012
UN Cemetery, Busan Museum and Peace Park

Located in Nam-gu just south of Daeyeon and Kyungsung metro stations, the UN Cemetery, Busan Museum and Peace Park are all worth a visit. The entire complex is nicely landscaped, and happens to be great for jogging as well (about 1.3 mi/2.1 k once around the park). Have a wine-infused picnic at Peace Park, walk […]

Aug 222011
Taejongdae Hiking

After several visits solely for the purpose of eating at the clam tents, I finally took a few hours to hike around the famous cliffs of Taejongdae Park. As far as hikes go, this one doesn’t compare with Igidae or Amnam Park, but it’s still a nice little walk. It’s particularly suited for those who […]

May 042011
Busan Hash: Running/Walking + Drinking = Fun

The first time I heard about the hash, I didn’t believe it really existed. A few of my friends had seen an ad for a “community nature jog,” in their section of Pittsburgh. It sounded like a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon, so they went along. The next thing they knew, they were […]

Apr 152011

*I’ve been doing a lot of running since moving to Busan, and I’m looking to map out some of the better running and biking places people have come across. I’m starting with Jangsan because that’s where I live, if you’ve got any suggestions, let us know! Jangsan is an excellent neighborhood for running. The toughest […]

Apr 072011

Summer beach season is quickly approaching. That means it’s time to get off your lazy butt and get in shape. There’s no better way to do this than by training for the Dadaepo marathon. That’s kind of a misnomer.  All races in Korea seem to be called marathons. There’s not actually a full marathon happening, […]