Mar 112013
Savoy- Seomyeon

Note: The Fresh Fries Factory has been REBORN in to Savoy! The previously known and loved ‘Fresh Fries Factory’ has been reborn as ‘Savoy’ and is bigger and better than ever. The best fish and chips in Seomyeon is back after a short hiatus, with a couple of additions to the menu, the quality is […]

Feb 082013
A Coffee Shop Guide to Seomyeon

Caffeine and Sugar By Laura Teague Two things guaranteed to get you through a particularly dull week: coffee and cake. It’s unbelievable how many coffee chains there are in Busan, and new ones are springing up all the time. For anyone wanting a little more from their coffee experience than the usual chain-shop-fare, here’s the […]

Jan 132013
Zumba Dance in Busan

By Fiona Van Tyne Working out is just that, work. Why not ditch the treadmill and join the new Latin dance inspired aerobics craze ZUMBA! Zumba is a latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance-fitness party! FEEL THE MUSIC, AND LET LOOSE!!! Before you start “Oh I can’t dance” “ I am too embarrassed” “I don’t like other […]

Jul 192012
Always Good Yes Soju Bar - Seomyeon

BY MONIQUE SMITH Always Good Yes Soju Bar is an energetic dance bar where you can dance, drink, and have great conversations. The great thing about this place is they will play music for about 30 minutes, everyone gets up and dances, the manager orchestrates dance competitions on the “main stage”, the winners get free […]

Jul 152012
Culture in Posh Nosh - Seomyeon

BY SAMANTHA TUCKER IACOVETTO The Posh Nosh look is warehouse chic. Exposed concrete walls are covered with colorful, eclectic art. The large, open space houses paint-splattered wooden tables and chairs. Wire baskets filled with lightbulbs make for intriguing chandeliers. The charm of Posh Nosh is enhanced by a lovely stone-stepping pond in the back and […]

Jul 082012
"Fish Head" restaurant in Seomyeon

BY ALLISON DIXON With a name like 생선 대가리 – Fish Head, in English – this small restaurant in a back alley of Seomyeon might not seem like the best dinner pick. However, the English name is a bit deceiving, as fish heads are not on the menu. Provided you like seafood, you might find […]

May 052012
Barbecue Camp - Seomyeon

Word on the street is these guys are closed. Bummer too, because this place rocks. Try to find their other locations if they’re still around! BY ALLISON DIXON Finding a fried chicken restaurant in Busan, or anywhere in Korea, is not  exactly the world’s most difficult task. Fried chicken joints are about as abundant in […]

Apr 112012
CLOSED - Well-Being Namsae Buffet - Seomyeon - CLOSED

BY ALLISON DIXON I’m no vegetarian, but after gorging myself shamelessly on burgers, pizza, and beer, I sometimes crave a lighter, healthier meal. While the Loving Hut is always a good option for a healthy meat-free meal, there are only so many times one can comfortably eat at a restaurant that broadcasts 24/7 news coverage […]

Mar 282012
Coffee Factory - Nampo and Seomyeon

BY ALEX ROCHE This independent coffee shop mini-chain actually has two locations in Nampo that are only about a block from each other, and one in Seomyeon.  All three of the shops offer great coffee and herbal tea.  If you’re an espresso fan be sure to try the espresso compania.  I love the vanilla latte […]

Mar 252012
Old Record Bar - Seomyeon

BY ALLISON DIXON “Rock Will Never Die!!” proclaims a flyer advertising Old Record Bar, Busan’s best — and only — vinyl bar. In a sea of Ho Bars and WA bars blasting tracks that all seem to inevitably lead into the Party Rock Anthem riff, Old Record Bar is a refreshing change. As a vinyl […]