Mar 112013
Savoy- Seomyeon

Note: The Fresh Fries Factory has been REBORN in to Savoy! The previously known and loved ‘Fresh Fries Factory’ has been reborn as ‘Savoy’ and is bigger and better than ever. The best fish and chips in Seomyeon is back after a short hiatus, with a couple of additions to the menu, the quality is […]

Jul 152012
Culture in Posh Nosh - Seomyeon

BY SAMANTHA TUCKER IACOVETTO The Posh Nosh look is warehouse chic. Exposed concrete walls are covered with colorful, eclectic art. The large, open space houses paint-splattered wooden tables and chairs. Wire baskets filled with lightbulbs make for intriguing chandeliers. The charm of Posh Nosh is enhanced by a lovely stone-stepping pond in the back and […]

Jul 082012
"Fish Head" restaurant in Seomyeon

BY ALLISON DIXON With a name like 생선 대가리 – Fish Head, in English – this small restaurant in a back alley of Seomyeon might not seem like the best dinner pick. However, the English name is a bit deceiving, as fish heads are not on the menu. Provided you like seafood, you might find […]

May 052012
Barbecue Camp - Seomyeon

Word on the street is these guys are closed. Bummer too, because this place rocks. Try to find their other locations if they’re still around! BY ALLISON DIXON Finding a fried chicken restaurant in Busan, or anywhere in Korea, is not  exactly the world’s most difficult task. Fried chicken joints are about as abundant in […]

Apr 112012
CLOSED - Well-Being Namsae Buffet - Seomyeon - CLOSED

BY ALLISON DIXON I’m no vegetarian, but after gorging myself shamelessly on burgers, pizza, and beer, I sometimes crave a lighter, healthier meal. While the Loving Hut is always a good option for a healthy meat-free meal, there are only so many times one can comfortably eat at a restaurant that broadcasts 24/7 news coverage […]

Mar 092012
Fresh Fries Factory - Seomyeon

BY MELISSA TAIT So, in my estimations, there’s junk food, which is MacDonalds, and there is non-junk food such as a lovingly hand-prepared burger with a side of rustically cut home fries. Of course the latter is much better and is included in my diet and exercise regime. Falling into this category is Fresh Fries Factory in Seomyeon. […]

Sep 212011
My 10 favorite Gimbap Cheonguk dishes

I tend to assume that regular visits to Gimbap Cheonguk are a staple for any foreigner living in Korea.  During my two and a half years I’ve visited some variation of this ubiquitous Korean eatery at least twice a week.  Still, I occasionally run into people who avoid it.  Some people are intimidated by the […]

Aug 042011
Sintobooli Meat Restaurant, Seomyeon

Article by Melissa Tait I feel that Seomyeon is divided into halves. There’s the Judie’s Taewha Side and then there is the Lotte side. Once you decide to go left or right from the subway station, it feels like a bit of an effort to get back to the other side. And there’s plenty to […]

May 162011
Sake Dining Bar, Seomyeon

Post by Melissa Tait Korea/Japan/Korea/Japan. A lot of my friends back home aren’t really sure of the differences between these two. Australian schoolchildren aren’t really taught about Dokdo, or any part of the long and tumultuous history between these two countries. Before I came here I knew there was very small difference between K-Pop and […]

Apr 232011
A Tale of Two Restaurants: Pork Soup Restaurants in Seomyeon (Gyeongju Gukbap)

Post by MELISSA TAIT A few weeks ago, my Korean co-worker pulled me into an alley when we were going out for dinner. I was slightly alarmed but we quickly entered a pork soup restaurant with a cauldron of broth and pork bubbling outside. We were seated near the wall of the restaurant under many signatures of Korean […]