Apr 142011
UNIQLO Stores in Busan (and hours)

After a cumulative year and a half in Korea, my wardrobe is primarily made up of UNIQLO stuff. It’s one of the two places that I actually buy clothes here (the other is Adidas), and on any given day, at least something on my body is made by the aforementioned clothier. So when I heard […]

Mar 302011
Lomography in Busan

**** 12/2012 – Some stuff has changed in Busan – check out the last comments on the page for updated info. Looks like Lomography cameras are getting harder to find! I know there’s a Lomo gallery store in Seoul that you can still go to, though!**** Lomography is a whole world of analogue (i.e. non-digital) […]

Mar 252011
Seomyeon Vintage (& other) Shops

Seomyeon has hundreds (yes, hundreds) of places to shop, especially the Daehyeon Primall (the underground shopping area stretching out from the metro), but these three shops (above ground) are right next to each other, pretty unique, and I think they’re a bit higher quality than others around. First, and I think it’s the pick of […]