Feb 122013
Overnight in Siloam Jimjilbang-Seoul

Hidden Sanctuary by Seoul Station  BY Emma O’Flynn   Busan!  Great city, all the trappings, fun place, right on the ocean, fabulous!  And there’s even an airport!  Our very own Gimhae airport with flights to…hum…not that many places actually.  And hold on, the prices are craaaazzzzy!  We all have had, or will have, that experience […]

Oct 222012
Trains and Trains - Train Travel in Korea

by Melissa Tait So, trains are a great way to travel. Just rock up, no security, as much luggage as you want and a gentle swaying motion as you travel. And I have a ‘thing’ for trains. I like to keep an eye on them…make sure they are running to schedule…maybe even ‘spot’ some interesting ones..and my little […]

Aug 032012
Jisan Valley Rock Festival - A Photo Review

BY MICHAEL FRAIMAN Best Use of Technology – Radiohead The British Friday night headliners turned their backdrop into a series of high-def TV screens, overlaying images of their faces with their instruments, dissolving into static, racing green lines and other aptly trippy shit. The show itself was solid but a bit dry; I don’t think […]

Jul 082012

BY MELISSA TAIT and NICHOLE FERENCE Changwon is a nice little town located to the west of Busan in Geyongsamnamdo province. It’s a nice little day trip from Busan and has a more relaxed vibe and a small central downtown area. How to get there and around From Busan you can catch a bus from Sasang’s […]

Jun 282012
A Weekend in Gwangju

BY MICHAEL FRAIMAN It seems every city in Korea has a ‘thing’—Pyongchang has skiing, Danyang has caves, Chongdo has bullfighting. City tourism officials tend to take these ‘things’ and clutch onto them with a vice grip; one sees billboards for the tea fields as soon as one enters Boseong, for example, or can’t help but […]

May 092012
A Weekend in Southern Gangwon-do

BY MICHAEL FRAIMAN There is no particular reason that Korea’s rural northeast is often overlooked. Rather, there are several small reasons: it’s out of the way from any significant city, the bullet train doesn’t run there, winter brings heavier snowfalls than it does most the rest of the country, and it’s not proximally close to […]

Apr 252012
Mudfest - Boryeong's Dacheon Beach

BY MELISSA TAIT (The Mudfest is in JULY this year from 07.14.2012 ~ 07.24.2012) The Boryeong Mud Festival is one of the things that most people know South Korea for. “Isn’t there some crazy festival where everyone is covered in mud?” Well, yes, and it’s awesome. This event takes place on  Daecheon beach which is on […]

Apr 192012
Visiting Fukuoka and Kyushu

From Busan, Fukuoka is the easiest foreign city to get too.  There’s the fast and convenient Beetle Ferry.  There are  multiple daily flights from the fairly accessible Gimhae airport to the very accessible Fukuoka airport  on Air Busan.  Most importantly for many of us, there is a Korean consulate from which to obtain a brand […]