Apr 122013
Galmaetgil Trails 갈매길

By LAURA TEAGUE   The Galmaetgil trails span across Busan, about half of them wind along the extensive coastline, giving them the name “Seagull Path” in Hangeul. They explore all the best that this wonderful city of ours has to offer, the whole shebang covers around 270km, so where to start? Here’s your super awesome and helpful guide […]

Mar 252013
Galmaetgil Course Two: Part 2 –Gwangalli Beach to Oryukdo

By Laura Teague (this is the second half of a 2 part hike, to see part 1 go here) This is definitely a walk to test your hamstrings and calves. It’s a nice flat 3km away from Gwangalli beach around the coast, and then a grueling 5km of stairs up and down all the way […]

Mar 252013
Galmaetgil Course Two: Part 1 – Dalmaji Hill to Gwangalli Beach.

By LAURA TEAGUE (this is part 1 of a 2 part series, to see the second half of the walk go here) All across Busan are ‘hiking’ or walking trails that cover the city. They wind though the most beautiful sightseeing spots, and the best tourist places. The word ‘갈맷길’ is a hybrid of the […]

Nov 062012
Hongbeopsa Temple (the one with the BIG BUDDHA on the roof)

BY MICHELLE CILLIÉ This is Hongbeopsa Temple and the statue of the Colossal Buddah on the roof. The temple is VERY different in many ways, mostly because it is built on the theme of Hear no evil, see no evil,  speak no evil- complete with three glittering Buddah statues depicting this theme in the main prayer […]

Jan 082012
UN Cemetery, Busan Museum and Peace Park

Located in Nam-gu just south of Daeyeon and Kyungsung metro stations, the UN Cemetery, Busan Museum and Peace Park are all worth a visit. The entire complex is nicely landscaped, and happens to be great for jogging as well (about 1.3 mi/2.1 k once around the park). Have a wine-infused picnic at Peace Park, walk […]

Oct 182011
A Walk Through Igidae

BY MICHAEL FRAIMAN To Westerners, Yongho-Dong’s Igidae Park is one of Busan’s lesser-known scenic trails. It’s basically the city’s “other coastline”—look straight and you can see Haeundae beach; look left and you face the Gwangali bridge. It’s also teeming with native Koreans out for a two-and-a-half-hour afternoon stroll, or setting up fishing posts along the […]

Aug 222011
Taejongdae Hiking

After several visits solely for the purpose of eating at the clam tents, I finally took a few hours to hike around the famous cliffs of Taejongdae Park. As far as hikes go, this one doesn’t compare with Igidae or Amnam Park, but it’s still a nice little walk. It’s particularly suited for those who […]