Apr 192011
Taejongdae Clam Tents - Yeongdo Island

This is a strange memory, but I remember being 14 years old and watching a random show on the Discovery Channel or something similar on Okinawa. The people in the show were diving into piles of squid and clams and other strange sea aliens that I didn’t know the names of. It was cool when I […]

Apr 052011
Chungnyeolsa Shrine

It was my first morning in Busan. I awoke around 4:30AM, sweaty, confused, in a circular love motel bed, surrounded by mirrors. I’d arrived around 10PM the previous night and had to cancel plans to meet friends for the simple reason that nobody could tell me where, in Busan, I was. I tossed and turned […]

Mar 252011
Jangsan Mountain Hike

What makes Jangsan mountain my favorite mountain to hike in Busan? Why it’s the fear of being blown up by land mines, of course. Yes, the land mine warning signs certainly do add character to this fairly strenuous hike. As does the tower area on top with signs warning people not to photograph, make notes, drawings, […]

Mar 162011
Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park

Yongdusan Park is possibly the most accessible park in Busan, in terms of proximity to the city. Go shopping in Nampo, and hop on the escalator (see the picture of the entrance), and it’ll whisk you up to Yongdusan Park. The first thing you’ll see is Busan Tower, towering (ha!) over Busan at 120 meters, […]

Mar 162011
Seokbulsa Temple Hike

I think Seokbulsa is definitely the coolest temple in Busan.  Maybe the coolest in Korea.  It’s really small, with only a few buildings, but it’s completely different from any temple I’ve visited.  It doesn’t feel at all like a Korean temple, really.  First of all, the buildings are all made of stone and laid out […]

Mar 162011
Amnam Park

This park located at the southern tip of one of Busan’s western peninsulas makes for a great afternoon hike. It has rocks good for climbing (if you’re hardcore enough for that kind of thing) and cliffs affording great views of part of the Nampo area as well as Yeong-do. There are beautiful rock formations that […]

Mar 162011
Haedong Yonggungsa Water Temple

With some very notable exceptions, it often feels like if you’ve seen one Buddhist Temple in Korea, you’ve seen them all.  That’s not a knock on the temples here, it’s just pointing out the obvious.  They’re seemingly at the foot of every mountain.  They have similar layouts.  They’re all the same colors.  I still love […]

Mar 162011
Hike from Jangsan to Songjeong Beach

The weather is getting warmer and the glorious summer beach season is quickly approaching.  Songjeong beach is among the most beautiful in Busan.  It’s really close to the city, but feels very far from the crowds that pack Haeundae and Gwangalli beaches.  It’s a great spot for flying kites, plus you can rent surf boards […]