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Dave and Tom

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  1. Hi there,

    This blog is awesome – good work for getting it up there – really wish we’d had this info when we visited Busan last year!

    Don’t know if you will know of our website, but we started a Korean travel site last year ( We are looking for some help with our Busan section – we’ve had loads of great contributors for Seoul and all of the other major cities, but not a lot for Busan (and we, like you, happen to think it’s a pretty great city!!)

    We wondered if you fancied having some of your writing and pictures featured on the site? We would credit you as contributors and also create a profile for you on our contributors page, which would promote and link to this blog and any others you might have. We’ve found that being listed on our site has helped a fair few other bloggers increase traffic to themselves 🙂

    Email us and let us know what you think, as we’d love to feature some of your great info.



  2. Drop me a line. Would like to do some content sharing with you guys.

    You’re doing some good stuff.


  3. Hello!! This is Angela, the general manager of the 1st egg, cafeteria.

    In Kyungsung area, there’s no Aile Mediterranea Halal Food (Turkish food!), no more..
    Instead, at the same place, we have the cafeteria named ‘ The 1st egg.’
    Why don’t you visit here soon? At the cafeteria, you can find many kinds of fresh food and drinks.
    “We always serve well-balanced, fresh, and nutritious food and drinks for you!”

    Italian sandwiches such as grilled shrimp/ chicken, mozzarella tomato with basil & black olives, and pepper jack cheese.. as well as fresh salads and hot soups like home-made chicken broth!
    Also, various kinds of drinks you can have!
    Espresso, Americano, Cafe latte, Cappuccino, and Dark chocolate mocha with whipped cream.

    Please visit the cafeteria, ‘The 1st egg’ 🙂
    and contact me if you have some interests about this place. Thank you!

    Angela Kim

  4. This is amazing!! Thank you so much for all the time and effort. Will never be lost and not know what to do in Busan again. Definitely thinking of trying to put something together like this for Pohang!

  5. I love love LOVE your blog its amazing.
    My friend goes to PNU but we hang out sometimes near KSU, and we never really know what to do or what to eat and end up walking into wherever. Now that I’ve found this blog, I actually have places I want to try!! Thank you :)))

  6. Hello guys,

    My name is Pablo and Ill be in Busan for a week at the end of March. I have been checking online that Busan is one of the best places for Kitesurf in South Korea. Do you have any idea of some schools or instructors there? I would love to write them to ask about weather, wind, all that king of info.
    Thanks so much


  7. Hi,

    I’m moving to Busan in Jan 2016 and I already know that this blog will be my bible!

    I was hoping for a little bit of advice on what districts to look to live in the South West of the city? Although Haeundae would have been my first choice my partner will be commuting to Okpo each day unfortunately making it the wrong side of town for us. We are Brits in our late twenties, looking for a vibrant busy area, and – although i hate to say it – somewhere with a few home comforts and some expats to mingle with?

    Any advice you can give us would be much appreciated!


    • Hi Jess,
      Do you mean the Okpo that’s on Geoje island? That’s a pretty far commute!
      I’d say the farthest west I’d go where you still have a vibrant area with some expats and cool stuff is Nampo-dong. Seodaesin-dong and Dongdaesin-dong also have some things, but are much less bustling than Nampo. Let me know if I have the wrong Okpo in mind, though!

  8. So did this site stop? What happened here?

    • Hi Scott. The original creators of this site have moved on from Busan… Do you know anyone who might be interested in updating things a bit? It’d mostly just be cleaning up the restaurants/bars section as most have likely closed.

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