Free Busan – Seoul Shuttle Bus


**NOTE: check out the comments section – this seems to be a way bigger hassle than it appears…

KTX? More like KTeXpensive! (BOOM! Like that one? ok ok you can use it too if you want)

Korea’s tourism board has declared 2010-2012 the VISIT KOREA YEAR. Shouldn’t it say ‘yearS’? Whatever; there’s a FREE Seoul – Busan and Busan – Seoul shuttle bus. Check out their official site to make a booking and get some more info. (NOTE: The shuttle also goes Seoul – Gyeongju and Seoul – Jeonju)

FROM SEOUL, the bus leaves from in front of the Gwanghwamun Duty Free Shop at 8AM. It arrives in Busan Lotte Hotel in Seomyeon at 2PM and then also goes on to the Paradise Hotel in Haeundae at 2:30.

FROM BUSAN, the bus departs from the Paradise Hotel in Haeundae at 4PM, and then makes one more stop at the Lotte Hotel in Seomyeon at 4:40PM. The bus arrives in Seoul at the Gwanghwamun Duty Free Shop at 10:30PM.

WHAT TO DO: Go to the calendar at the bottom of the page and click your desired route (Busan or Gyeongju or Jeonju), fill out your info, and then check your email for confirmation. Easy! I think? I haven’t actually tried it. Pretty cool though, huh?

FOR MAPS, ETC, go to the link above, and on the right-hand side of the page where it says “Bus Route,” click on Seoul – Busan. On my browser, it’s on a different line than the other ones, so I didn’t think it went to Busan at first. Then you can click on the “map” links.

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  1. Wow, Dave , you make everything so easy to understand. I couldn’t figure out the Busan – Seoul times.

    Cheers, Mel

  2. hi you know about a river cruise in Busan? if you do can you tell me a bit..planning on going there this Nov..thanks

  3. Hate to be a party pooper, but…. this shuttle service is ONLY Seoul-Busan rtn or Seoul-Busan 1 way that DO NOT do Busan to Seoul 1 way. I’m not sure if it says this on the main page, but I filled out an application this morning and it says (direct cut and paste) “The main purpose of this programme is, apart from Seoul, introducing other fascinating cities to foreigners, not just transportation. Accordingly, one-way trip form other cities to Seoul is strongly restricted under any circumstances.”

    So, if you ARE going to use this service you have to find your own transportation to Seoul, via train, bus, etc and can get the shuttle back (keep in mind this is only a 27 (or 40?) seater bus and it leaves Seoul at 8am… ), and I just read that it is done via lottery NOT first come first serve, I made a mad dash to apply for January thinking that I could at least get the transit to Jeonju and the way back from Seoul but alas no. They do the lottery 10 days before the date of departure and if you are not chosen you can still show up to see if any of the chosen ones didn’t show up.

    Anyway just thought I’d give y’all a heads up on the info I found 🙂

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