Gwangalli, Busan, South Korea

GWANGALLI is Busan’s City Beach. You have the beach, yet unlike Haeundae and the other beaches, you still feel that you’re IN the city. Perhaps best known for the Diamond Bridge, Gwangalli (and the bridge) is at its most magnificent at night. Have some dinner, launch off some bottle rockets/roman candles, and then keep partying on the beach or one of the many bars just across the street.

(How to get to Gwangalli)

FEEL: A little more raw and less-refined than Haeundae
GOOD FOR: Launching fireworks, Drinking with a view, Beach picnics, Taking pictures
BAD FOR: Getting ‘hello-bombed’ by middle- and high-schoolers during the day
CHECK OUT: The Millak-dong raw fish/seafood/crab restaurants and amusement park area to the north of the beach
MUST DO: Launch bottle-rockets/roman candles from the beach

*Gwangalli (much like any place) has tons of chains – 700 beer, Wa-Bar, Burger Pasta, Thursday Party, Breeze Burn’s, Donenu, Yukane, Angelina’s, Starbucks, etc. We only listed a couple cool non-chains here.*

Hotaru Ramen Restaurant front, Gwangalli Beach

Hotaru Japanese Ramen

Bars and hofs:

Beached (NZ bar)
Bong G (Wine cocktails to go)


Sharky’s (Expat bar; American food)
 (Japanese Ramen)
Tremare (Italian)


Bong G (Wine cocktails to go; also coffee)



Nearby things to do:

Shimhae Acupuncture Clinic (Eastern Medicine)
“Gwangalli Land” fun-park (Rides & Games) COMING SOON
Gwangalli walking/running/biking path (Exercise!) COMING SOON

How to get to Gwangalli:
For the northeast end of the beach (and a longer walk): Metro line 2 (green line) to Gwangan, exit 5. About-face once you go up the stairs of the exit, and turn right down the street. You’ll have to walk about 7 blocks to the beach.

For the Southeast end of the beach (and a shorter walk): Metro line 2 (green line) to Geumyeonsan, exit 1 or 3. About-face once you go up the stairs of the exit, and turn down the street going towards the beach (in the opposite direction from the big hospital across the street). Walk a couple blocks and you’re there. 


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  1. I think Hotaru has either closed or changed name.. the outside looks similar, but has a different name and slightly different look now.

  2. any place to recommend to eat around here? 🙂

    • I like The Pho for… well, pho; Sharky’s for American/Mex food; and just about any Korean place for BBQ. If you want to get adventurous, you can wander back by the fun park and try one of the seafood restaurants. It’s kind of confusing about what to get there, but clams are pretty safe.

  3. Hi!

    Any idea on where to park at Gwangalli beach?
    Thank you!

    • There should be some parking lots and structures around… I’m not sure exactly where. I’ve never driven around there, so I haven’t paid attention. Sorry!

    • You can find some private park place near and around beach…. its not to hard

  4. Hello. Do you have any idea where to get fireworks nearby? Haha Thanks!

  5. Hey there! I just got offered a job in Busan with provided housing three minutes from Gwangalli Beach. It sounds like a stellar location, but do you think it would be loud at night? It seems like it’s a really active area with lots of nightlife and I’m all for that, but I definitely like my sleep.

    • It depends… if you’re RIGHT ON the main drag, it might be loud, but if you’re a little off the main road, it should be fine. From my understanding, most of the housing is in a quieter area behind the beach. I’d highly recommend the area.

  6. Hai… How to get to Gwangali Beach from Igidae Park?

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