Haeundae Beach


Haeundae Beach Umbrellas
Ah yes, the grandaddy of all beaches in Korea… HAEUNDAE BEACH. So cool that they even made a movie about it (well, not really ABOUT the beach, per se, but still…). In the summers, you’ll find it packed solid full of umbrellas, making for beautiful pictures, but potentially awkward situations (Get off my beach blanket & stop judging me, ajumma!). While summer days bring a packed beach, summer nights bring more of the same… but instead of beachgoers, you get all-night partiers. It’s pretty damn exciting. Just a note, the off-season makes for a less-crowded and more peaceful time.

Haeundae also boasts plenty of bars and restaurants – some on the beach, and some just a little farther away. This is the most famous beach in Korea, for cryin out loud. Find out why!

Directions: green metro line 2 to Haeundae. Take exit 3 or 5 and walk straight on to the beach!

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