HAEUNDAE area (Including Jangsan, Dalmaji & Songjeong)


Haeundae Beach with Dalmaji in the background)

HAEUNDAE – the holiday destination of Busan. Tons of tourists (Korean and foreign) flock to the beach all summer long, as ritzy, beautiful people drive by in their Lamborghinis and Ferarris. Okay, so that’s not really an every-day occurrence, but you do get the feeling that Haeundae is a bit fancier than the rest of Busan.

Life in Haeundae revolves around the beach, but DALMAJI HILL, Busan’s art district that sits up on a hill overlooking Haeundae Beach, is also worth checking out. JANGSAN is also worth a visit, and since that’s where most people in the Haeundae area live, there are tons of cafes and restaurants that have sprung up there too. Hike (or take a taxi) from Jangsan over to Songjeong Beach – more secluded, but no-less beautiful than Haeundae – for a less-crowded beach day.

(How to get to Haeundae)

FEEL: Haeundae: Beach resort town feel. Dalmaji: Cool artsy area with beautiful scenery. Jangsan: like you’re in a new, planned city somewhere not in Busan.
GOOD FOR: Partying, Being around lots of people, Having a crowded Korean-style beach day
BAD FOR: Lying on the beach with your towel touching the towel of an old ajumma who won’t stop staring at (and judging) you
CHECK OUT: The hike and the views from mount Jangsan


Bars and Hofs:

Wolfhound Pub (Western – Irish pub)
24/7 Lounge Bar
(Club-ish) *see comments below*
JK Factory (Chill bar)
Rock ‘n Roll House (Party bar)
Eighty Eight in Miami (Party bar)
Sharky’s (Western food)
Starface (Dalmaji– chill bar)
Billie Jean (Good atmosphere, live music)



Second identical location found across the street from other twin pigs restaurant

Twin Pigs Barbecue, Busan


Wolfhound Pub (Western – Irish pub)
The Home Bistro (Western)
Hinomura (Jangsan – Japanese)
Taco Senora (Taco stand)
Sharky’s (Western, lots of games)
Black Knight (Korean late-night)
Twin Pig Restaurants (Jangsan – Korean bbq)
Starface (Dalmaji– Western, other fare)


Big dogs lounging on the floor of the Puppy Cafe, Busan

Puppy Cafe


Adagio Roasting House (Jangsan – best coffee)
Puppy Cafe (Jangsan – play with dogs!)
Cordelia Coffee Roastary (Jangsan– nice patio)
I make cake Cafe (Haeundae- decorate your own cake) CLOSED?

Nearby things to do:

Ms. Kim’s English Books (Jangsan – English books)
Vesta Spa and Jjimjilbang (Dalmaji – great views)
Jangsan Running Spots
Jangsan Mountain Hike
Hike from Jangsan to Songjeong Beach
Songjeong Beach (Best beach for a ‘beach day’)

How to get to Haeundae: Take the metro line 2 (green line) to Haeundae. Exits 3 or 5.


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  3 Responses to “HAEUNDAE area (Including Jangsan, Dalmaji & Songjeong)”

  1. Foreigners: DON’T GO TO 247 NIGHTCLUB
    The guards invent any excuses to don’t allow you entering in this club!

    I tried twice to enter there with two friends, including a Brazilian guy (Korean-descendant and Korean language speaker): first they said that we were not well-dressed (just because of jacket in a rany day, but we had good clothes underwear it) and next time they finally said, from out of nowhere, thats was necessary a Native Korean enter with us, although we showing our Alien Registration Card with almost 1 year living in Korea!

    By the time we stayed trying to enter, we saw ONLY KOREANS entered and left this club.
    Hope none foreigner could never try to go there.

  2. A year layer i tried to enter with my Korea girl friend and was denied access for foriegner. But 2hours prior i was able to enter the soju stile restraunt down stairs ni problem. Was told no entery fee when entering after eat. Then came up stairs and was denied entry. I found an atickw on HAPS magazine that styed that the owner said was missunderstanding with door guards and has been fixxed. Bull hir. Spenr 100.000 won in soju restraunt then was told to fuck off.

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