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***This is a new feature of ours here at B.A. We’ll be releasing updates and articles for the Health & Wellness page right here in the next couple of weeks! Please write in with other suggestions and comments.***

Moving to another country can be stressful enough without having to worry about getting sick or where to find a gym. Here we have found some English friendly facilities that will help you with almost anything from getting in to shape, to getting over a cold.

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What do you mean you can’t afford a gym membership?


Gudeok Stadium and Sports Complex – Dongdaeshin (Near nampo)
DaeWoo Fitness – Pusan National University Area
National Team Fitness – Jangsan
Gaya Health Spa– Gaya

Know of another Gym in your area? Contact us with more details! 

Group Fitness

Busan Zumba
Busan Yoga and Meditation
Urban Training Busan

English-Friendly Doctors

Dong Eui Medical Center (Nurse Lee-English Speaking Nurse)- Yangjeon
Wallace Memorial Baptist Hospital- International Clinic – Namsan
X-Rays for Visas
Determologist in Busan



Alternative Medicine

By Hand Oriential Clinic– Suyeong
Shimhae Acupuncture Clinic – Gwangan
Medi Hyundae– Hyundae

Healthy Eating

Getting groceries may be a bit difficult when you learn it costs 4,000 KRW for a stem of broccoli, but Fiona has the ultimate healthy eating guide to getting around Busan.

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  1. Thanks for the info, do you know if these gyms have air conditioning? That has been my main issue. If I wanted a sweat box i’d run outside!

    • I feel you! National Team Fitness definitely does. I have loved my time working out there this summer, they are not afraid of keeping the gym at the correct temperature (So in the winter its cool, but not chilly like some around). Gudeok Stadium complex should as well considering as it is a larger complex. Daewoo, does not, but they have a good amount of fans, and Gaya will most likely not.

  2. oo- also, where can I find the healthy eating guide?

    • That will be posted in a week or so! Slowly getting everything together but we wanted to get out Gym stuff!

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