Supreme Contributor: Laura Teague


Hiking Guru:  Laura ” the explorer” Teague


LauraOriginally from The Cotswolds, the hiking mecca of England, Laura used to shun hiking as a past-time for the old and boring. It took some maturity and an enforced family fun excursion to Snowdon to open her eyes to the joys of the outdoors and walking in the wilderness.

Fast-forward a few years and Laura became a true World Explorer. Having led many informative walking tours for two in the great countries of India, Sri Lanka, and all across South-East Asia, Laura landed in Busan. The first year was the usual merry-go-round of restaurants, bars, coffee, school, trips, noraebangs and all things bright and beautiful. For the second year, the realisation dawned that while Laura knew where to go for a great coffee, a cheap meal, and an evening of frivolity, she actually had
explored little of this great city. In order to learn more about Busan, and with the promising oncoming of spring, Laura the Explorer set out to do what she does best, attempting to learn something new and getting lost along the way. Getting lost a lot.

Busan is the best of what Korea has to offer, a vibrant city, and these huge beautiful mountains, with multiple trails. AND beaches on top of all this too?! Why does anyone ever sit inside in a coffee shop in this city with all this on your doorstep? Busan is truly an AWESOME city. Why not get out there and explore it?

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