NAMPO AREA (including Jagalchi, Songdo Beach & Taejongdae)


Piff Square, Nampo-dong, Busan, South Korea

Nampo-dong, much like the other districts of Busan, is awesome because it just feels DIFFERENT. It’s in the older part of Busan, and hence has most of the ‘sites’ that the city has to offer. There’s Jagalchi Fish Market, Busan Tower, Gukje Market, and the ‘fashion street’ that make this area one of the most fun to go to in Busan, especially during the day. Mix in nearby Songdo Beach, and you’ve got a hell of a district of Busan. Start in PIFF Square, and branch off from there (rhyme!).

(How to get to Nampo)

FEEL: Awesome mix of really modern (on the main shopping street) to awesomely weird street markets (Gukje Market area) for a “refined-yet-gritty” feel
GOOD FOR: Clothes shopping, Camera shopping, Souvenir shopping, People watching, Cool markets, Weird markets
BAD FOR: Accidentally buying an octopus when you meant to buy a squid
CHECK OUT: Taeguk Village – Colorful houses, street art and great views – feel like you’re away from the city from within the city!

farmers burger joint exterior, nampo

Farmer’s Burgers

Bars and Hofs:

Cho Bbei (Makgeolli/Soju bar)
(Kinda weird, kinda awesome, kinda gaudy)
Charlie’s Brau (Hof, brewhouse)


Arun Thai (Thai, of course)
Farmer’s Handmade Hamburgers
(Burger joint)
Bombay (Cheap & good Indian cuisine)
The Pan (Italian; good place for cocktails)
Charlie’s Brau (Hof, brewhouse, surprisingly good food though)
Loving Hut (Vegetarian Cafe) (Closed)
Kong Bat Eh–  Korean Buffet (has all the side dishes you could eat)


Coffee Factory (Good lil coffee shop to take a break from shopping!)
Zoo Coffee – Animal theme, that will give you a good cup of coffee!)



Octopuses at Jagalchi fish market in Busan

Jagalchi Market


Guide to shopping in Nampo (coming soon!)
Lomography in Busan (Get your LOMO fix in Busan!)
UniQlo (My favorite)


Jagalchi Market (All the weirdest fish from the ocean)
Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park (Towering views of the city)
Lotte Department Store Fountain (Kinda hokey, but kinda impressive)

entrance to songdo haesoopia spa and jjimjilbang, busan

Great spa: Songdo Haesoopia


Nearby things to do:

Taeguk Village (Colorful houses, street art & great views)
at Jagalchi Station (YES, good ol American 10-pin)
Songdo Beach (Busan’s other other other beach)
Songdo Haesoopia (Jjimjilbang/Spa – one of the nicest in Busan!)
Amnam Park (Crashing waves on the red-rock coast)
Taejongdae (Great views – good place to take your parents)
Taejongdae clam tents (One of the most unique Busan dining experiences)
Jungang Park (Peace and quiet in the heart of Busan)


How to get to Nampo:
Directly to the shopping street: Metro line 1 (orange line) to Nampo Station. Exit 1 or 3.
To PIFF Square (recommended!): Metro line 1 (orange line) to Jagalchi Station. Exit 7, cross the street, and PIFF Square will be on your left. Look for the yellow and red umbrellas. 


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