Other Busan Districts and Neighborhoods


YES, Busan has OTHER DISTRICTS that are definitely worth seeing! Mike Fraiman has done a great article on The Five Most Underrated Districts in Busan for a good overview of some lesser-known ones, and Benjamin Cowles has written articles on the traditional (real, not fake!) villages of Anchang and Taeguk. Also, check these out (in alphabetical order):


ANCHANG VILLAGE is an old, poor, but vibrant village. Step off the rickety bus and back in time! Street art, winding streets, and good views of the city. Definitely check out this getaway-within-a-city.


Beomil is an old part of Busan with some really cool and funky old markets. Probably the most popular thing in Beomil, of course, is the restaurant known as CAVE BAR that serves up dongdongju (like makgeolli – white-colored rice wine) and delicious kimchi pajeon (Korean ‘pancakes’). You can read more about Beomil-dong and its markets in The Five Most Underrated Districts in Busan. (Metro line 1 – orange line – to Beomil. Exit 7 is a good one)


This is the “seediest” area in Busan… or so that’s what ‘they’ want you to think! What it is, is the most international area where you’ll find American GI’s, Russian bar owners, and Philippine ladies galore that makes for an always-interesting night out. Check out AMBY’S, a wonderful restaurant with a menu that’s as diverse as the clientele. (Really though, this actually is one of the seediest areas of Busan… it’s still relatively safe compared to other places, though… just please be ‘heads-up’ out there!) (Metro line 1 – orange line – to Busan Station. Exit 7 or 9)


Deokcheon is a really underrated area that has a bit of everything. It’s the northern meeting point of metro lines 2 and 3, and there are tons of bars, restaurants, and some really cool markets, including GUPO MARKET. More on Deokcheon in the GUIDE TO DEOKCHEON and in The Five Most Underrated Districts in Busan. (Metro line 2 – green line – or line 3 – brown line – to Deokcheon)


Winner for the district that uses ‘dong’ the most times. Busan’s FORMER main stadium, Gudeok Stadium, is here, and there are some good hiking trails on the mountain north of there. If you’re around, check out JANG WOO DONG, a more upscale version of Kimbap Cheonguk. (Metro line 1 – orange line – to Dongdaeshin)

DONGNAE (sometimes written as DONGRAE)

Area in the north/center part of the city, near PNU. Cool river bike/running trail starts/ends here. Check out the PNU page for more to do in and around Dongnae, and also read about it in The Five Most Underrated Districts in Busan. (Metro line 1 – orange line – or line 4 – blue line – to Dongnae)


Located in the north of the city along the Nakdong River, Hwamyeong has a lot of new development going on. There’s the expansive HWAMYEONG RIVERSIDE PARK that’s great for running or picnic-ing. For a great spot to have coffee, FALL IN COFFEE is the place. (Metro line 2 – green line – north to Hwamyeong. Exit 1 or 3)


Including Daeyeon-dong (which includes the extremely popular Kyungsung University (KSU) and Pukyeong University), Munhyeon-dong and Yongho-dong. Check out the Kyungsung area page for what to do in & around Nam-gu. (Metro line 2 – green line – Kyungsung University/Pukyeong University station. Exits 3 or 5 for Kyungsung).


Oncheonjang is famous for their hot springs, including THE BIGGEST SPA IN ASIA. They have a really cool Oktoberfest celebration too! Also go here for cable-car access to Geumjeong Mountain. More info and things to do on the PNU page. (Metro line 1 – orange – to Oncheonjang. Exit 5 for most stuff)


This is the SPORTS DISTRICT of Busan. Check out the Asiad Stadium for BUSAN I’PARK SOCCER or the Sajik Baseball Stadium for LOTTE GIANTS BASEBALL. Also the KT Sonic Boom basketball team plays here. (For baseball: Metro line 3 – brown line – to Sajik, exit 1. For soccer or basketball: Metro line 3 – brown line – to Sports Complex, exit 9)


Home to the Seobu Bus Terminal, Busan’s main bus station. You can also get the Purple Line to the airport here. It’s also home to some pretty cool areas around the station, including the SASANG ASIAN FOOD MARKETS where you’ll find everything you need to make Thai, Indian, Vietnamese or other Asian food. (Metro line 2 – green line – to Sasang. Straight out exit 3 for the food markets; Exit 5 for the bus station)


Home of SONGDO BEACH, Busan’s fourth-most, or maybe fifth most popular beach. That’s not to say that it’s not fun! Check out the Nampo page for info for Songdo. (click on the ‘beach’ link above for directions)


This awesome village in the older part of Busan (near Nampo/Jagalchi) is one not to miss. Colorful houses are on the hills overlooking the city. Street art is everywhere. It’s a great little village-in-the-big-city if you want to stay in the city, but still feel like you’re in another town. Check out our article on TAEGUK VILLAGE.

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