Seomyeon Streets, Busan, South Korea

SEOMYEON – the most ‘downtown’ of any place in Busan. It’s the meeting point of two metro lines, and a whole lot of busy people. Ladies especially will enjoy the shopping opportunities galore throughout the underground Daehyeon Primall as well as at the Mini Mall and on the streets just above. Love Seomyeon for its more ‘Korean’ feel, as you won’t find as many expat hotspots as Kyungsung or Haeundae. Is this the real heart of Busan? You just might think so.

(How to get to Seomyeon)

FEEL: Downtown feel; a little more ‘Korean’ than other big districts (in a good way)
GOOD FOR: Shopping (ladies’ clothes), People-watching, Downtown feel, Partying Korean-style
BAD FOR: Being really bored while your girlfriend shops in the underground Daehyeon Primall
CHECK OUT: The Seomyeon ‘food street’ (exit 1, first R, first L); The hardware district (exit 2, first L, keep heading L)

Two grottoes at Monglit wine bar, Seomyeon

“Grottoes” at Monglit

Bars and Hofs:

Guide to salsa clubs in Seomyeon
Old Record Bar (Chill bar, actual vinyl music)
Always Good Yes (Soju bar/restaurant, dancing)
Caribe (Salsa club)
Sake Dining Bar (Authentic Japanese experience)
Monglit Wine Bar (Wine bar, secluded grottoes)
Judie’s Nine Brau (Brewhouse)
Who? (Brewhouse)
King Beer Mart (Buy your beer! Then drink it.)



Dining Sake bar packed on a Friday night.

Sake Dining Bar


Fish Head (Seafood)
Barbecue Camp
(Beer-can chicken) CLOSED
Well-Being Namsae Buffet
Sintobooli Meat Restaurant (Korean barbecue)
Sake Dining Bar (Authentic Japanese bar)
Posh Nosh (Western, with a twist)
Pork Soup Restaurants (Korean Pork Soup)
Judie’s Nine Brau (Brewhouse)
Who? (Brewhouse)
Cave Bar (Actually in Beomil-dong)
Savoy (Pub Food)

Quick Coffee Guide to Seomyeon
Coffee Factory
nangman vintage shop - classy experience

Nangman Vintage


UniQlo (my fave)
Seomyeon Vintage/Boutiques (the ones above-ground)
Lomography in Busan (LOMO!)

Nearby things to do:

Cave Bar in Beomil-dong (Korean, Dongdongju… in a cave)
Anchang Village (Old village in the hills, street art!)



How to get to Seomyeon: Take metro line 1 (orange) OR line 2 (green) to Seomyeon. Go out exit 1 or 2 for most of the fun stuff. 

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  1. Barbecue camp has closed down by the way. x

  2. Going to be staying in Seomyeon tomorrow night and it’s the wife’s birthday. Any special/awesome places you guys would recommend?

    • I like the Sake Dining Bar, but I don’t know if they’re still open. I haven’t been back in Busan for a while! Posh Nosh was pretty cool too. Or if you want to go more authentic, I’d hit any of the bbq/samgyeopsal places around the food street (also see our site)

  3. I will be staying in Seomyeon & the hotel didn’t provide breakfast, what will you recommend for breakfast?

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