Spas and Jjimjilbangs

the sign to vesta spa and jjimjilbang, dalmaji hill, haeundae

Vesta Spa on Dalmaji

Busan has some fantastic spas and jjimjilbangs. I admit, at first, I thought going to the jjimjilbang would be boring, but after going to these, I’m a full convert to the jjimjilbang cause. Check ’em out!

If you’ve never been before, there are separate “spa/bath” areas where guys and girls are separated. After you’ve bathed and soaked, you put on the little pj’s they provide you with, and go to the coed “jjimjilbang/food” area where you can eat and hang out in the different jjimjilbangs – hot rooms. Then you go back to your gender-specific area to shower up and go home.

Note: guys, when going with ladies, bring a couple extra towels from your area into the coed area… girls only get a ration of 1 or 2 towels; guys get unlimited.

SPA LAND is the newest huge spa located in the Shinsegae building in Centum City. It’s new and awesome. Best part? No kids under middle-school age are allowed in, so your relaxation time won’t be disturbed by kids hello-bombing/splashing you.


entrance to songdo haesoopia spa and jjimjilbang, busan

Songdo Haesoopia

HEOSIMCHEONG SPA in Oncheonjang (near PNU) claims that it’s the “biggest spa in Asia.” Whether or not it’s true, its spa area IS pretty darn big. The hotel and spa apparently was renovated last year. Before the renovation, the jjimjilbang area was a little lacking. However, I haven’t seen it since the renovation, so maybe they’ve improved it.

VESTA SPA on Dalmaji Hill affords awesome views of Haeundae, especially at night. It’s an older complex, so the drink areas aren’t as quality, and your ‘jjimjilbang pj’s’ will be a little dated, but the spas and jjimjilbangs themselves are quality.

SONGDO HAESOOPIA in Songdo (near Nampo) is fantastic, with great views of the harbor. The locker room areas are among the best I’ve seen, and the spas and jjimjilbangs match it. My favorite spa.




If you are traveling to Seoul for a weekend or to catch a flight, SILOAM jimjillbang  is both conveniently located close to Busan station and comfortable.

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