Aug 152011

Songjeong Beach, Busan

Songjeong Beach, although it’s not very well known, is probably the best of the Busan beaches. You go to Haeundae for the crowds, you go to Gwangalli at night, but if you want a classic Beach Day, then you go to Songjeong Beach.

There’s a nice hike from Jangsan to Songjeong beach, or you can get there from a taxi from Jangsan station. 

To get there by bus:
FROM POINTS WEST: Take the 1003 to Songjeong 1 dan-ji-gu-gong (송정1단지주공) 
FROM JANGSAN STATION (Metro Line 2 -green line):  Go out exit 9 and hop on bus 180 to Songjeong 1 dan-ji-gu-gong (송정1단지주공) 

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