Apr 262011


Article by Melissa Tait

Music stage of Starface bar and restaurant, Busan KoreaStarFace Dalmaji hill is a little bit of London in Busan. It’s a WaegukBar, menu and drinks in English and Korean, and comfy lounge chairs scattered around the room. At some point during your first beer youwill probably meet Charles, the English co-manager of the bar. Helikes to have a chat with everyone that comes in and does his utmost
to keep you comfortable and happy.

Charles’ English influence comes through on the menu, which featuresfish and chips as well as the UK’s national dish, Curry. We tastedboth dishes as well as the baked potatoes and I was immediately transported to the pub on the corner of my street in East
London…well, as much as I could have hoped for in Asia. The fish and chips were crisp and tasty, the curry was spicy and filling and the baked potato was savoury and baked to perfection.

On Dalmaji Hill this StarFace is a little out of the way, a W3,000 taxi ride from Jangsan station. However, Charles and his colleagues have been busy thinking up many reasons for you to make the journey. There is a Spanish night once a month for Spanish speakers and Latin lovers (next meetup 6 May), Pub Trivia on Sunday nights from 8:30 and
if you can make a case for any other European-based club night Charles is happy to hear from you. For Royalists, StarFace will be broadcasting the Royal Wedding this Friday night (April 29th) from 7-9pm, with some Brit-pop tunes to dance along to afterwards.

for more details on William and Kate’s Royal Wedding Party –

So, when the kimchi is too much and you just want a pint and maybe a dance, we recommend taking the short trip from Jangsan to StarFace Dalmaji Hill. It’s cheaper than a plane ticket to London.

Fish and chips W12 000
Indian Curry and rice W12 000
Baked potato W5 000

Tap beers
Guinness W4000
Red Rock W4000
Hite W3000

Friday night drinks specials:
ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK (9pm-1am gin/rum/vodka) W20,000
3 shots of Tequila W10,000
Bottle of Red Wine W20,000

Disclosure: Melissa will be taking off her Busan! High Five! Awesome! hat on Friday night and will be DJing at StarFace as The Commoner

Where: StarFace Dalmaji, 1483-Jung 2-Dong, Haeundae-Gu. Busan
Directions: Starface is on Dalmaji hill in Haeundae just a short taxi
ride (W3,000) from Jangsan subway station.Just ask the driver for
“Choo-ri-moon-hog-wan” (The Mystery Library) or Dalmaji 7-11, and it’s
right next door.

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Mar 302011

Bombay Indian Restaurant, Nampo dong, Busan, South KoreaGood Indian food seems to be becoming more and more common here in Busan.  Less than nine months after reading about how difficult it was to find decent Indian food here, there are at least three good options.  The most recent one I’ve tried is Bombay Indian restaurant in Nampo-dong.

The owner and cook is a really friendly guy who speaks perfect English.  He explained that they serve western Indian food, which shares a lot of elements with Pakistani and Afghan foods.  The menu lacked some of my personal favorite Indian dishes, but there were also a lot of things I’d never heard of and would like to try.

Bombay Indian Restaurant, Nampo dong, Busan, South KoreaSampling everything will be easy because Bombay  is really inexpensive.  Most dishes are 6,500 won (plus 1,500 – 2,500 for nan or rice).  The portions aren’t huge, but they were enough to satisfy me on a very hungry day.  The atmosphere is pretty simple and laid back, definitely very comfortable. **UPDATE (5/2012): Prices have apparently increased, to 9,000~12,000 for main dishes)**

The debate has begun about whether Bombay is better than Namaste.  I still put Namaste at number one, because they have a more extensive menu that includes more of my favorites.  However, Bombay is about half the price, and there are plenty of new menu items to try.  I guess I’ll need to go back a few more time before I can truly decide.  Still, after a long day of shopping in Nampo, Bombay Indian Restaurant is an excellent option.

Bombay Indian Restaurant, Nampo dong, South Korea

Bombay Indian Restaurant, Nampo dong, Busan, South Korea









Directions: From PIFF Square walk straight two block until you reach the shopping street. Turn right and walk until you reach the intersection with the Apple store and ABC mart. Turn left. Walk past “The Pan” and “The Pho.” Go a few blocks. You’ll see a large Caffe Bene on the left. Turn left here. Go down the street for a block and a half. Bombay is on your left.

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Mar 162011

I really like Indian food.  Every time I eat it, it takes me back to college in Pittsburgh.  The big Indian restaurant on campus, India Garden, had a half price menu after 11 PM.  Two to three nights a week, groups of us would go and sample all the different curries while watching loud, colorful, Bollywood musicals on a big screen. I may never get to relive these memories in Busan, but with Namaste Indian Restaurant in Haeundae, I can come pretty close.

Everything about Namaste is good.  The restaurant is beautifully laid out.  I’ve never been to India and can’t comment on what an authentic Indian restaurant should look like, but Namaste reminds me of all the things I love in Indian restaurants back in the US.  It has the wood furniture, multi-colored lamps, and the big screen playing Bollywood videos.

The service is excellent.  The waiters speak perfect English and are always very helpful in choosing items.  The menu is pretty big, with all the standard Indian dishes from home. The prices are about the same as the restaurants back home and on par with most of the cheaper non-Korean food in Busan.  Most things are around 12,000 won.

The food has been great both times I’ve been there.  The samosas and garlic naan are as good as I’ve had anywhere.  I’ve stuck with spinach dishes, chicken saag and palak paneer, both times because they are reliable and what I always crave after a long time without Indian food.  I still have to test my favorite Indian dish, Malai Kofta.  It tends to be either great or terrible, depending on the restaurant, and will be the deciding factor as to whether Namaste is great or just really really good.

I’ve read nothing but great reviews of Namaste and they are all well deserved.  If you’re craving Indian food and near Haeundae, I highly recommend paying a visit to one of the best restaurants in Busan.namaste indian restaurant, haeundae, interior

Directions:  Haeundae Subway exit five.  Walk toward the beach.  It’s across the street from Busan Aquarium.  Go left around the Burger King, turn right into the small street by the Mini-Cooper dealership.  Namaste is in the next building on the left, in the basement.  There should be a sign set out front.  I think they close at 11:00PM.

Website: http://namasterestaurant.co.kr/ (warning: when I tried to open the English page, google said the site had been hacked, so go at your own risk.)

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