Nov 192012


***This article has been edited a lot. For F. Duckleford’s trademark style and flair, check out his website “American in Busan“… hilarious, but perhaps not safe for work.***

Deokcheon is the best place to live that isn’t a beach, campus, or Seomyeon. It has changed drastically in the last two years, developing into a bustling commercial area packed full of restaurants and even its own nightlife. It is the west hub of Busan- the transfer station that connects brown and green. Thirty minutes to Seomyeon or Gwangalli Beach, and not much longer for PNU or Haeundae. Deokcheon IS West Busan. To the north lies Hwamyong, the last enclave of foreigners before Wildling territory. Little is known about the Others that live beyond the Hwam.

The Food

Before discovering my own neighborhood, I would come to Deokcheon for dinner every single night. The food in Deokcheon is amazing. There’s something for everyone, even those who complain about Korean food. There have got to be at least ten BBQ joints. Some of these places serve soju for 2k a bottle, 33% less than market price. Higher quality meat options are offered everywhere as you’d expect. Other Korean food like dwejigukbap, gimbap, street food, fried chicken, baked chicken, and duck casseroles, pig hooves, seafood, ham hocks, pajeon, crappy jook, etc. are everywhere.

A feast in Deokcheon

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