Busan Temples, Hikes and Parks

View along the coast of Taejongdae Park, Busan, Korea



If you find yourself in Haeundae (more specifically, Jangsan), hike up JANGSAN MOUNTAIN for some great views of Centum/Gwangalli and also back behind Dongnae. Another cool thing: signs for landmines all over the place. Awesome! Anyway, another great one is the HIKE FROM JANGSAN TO SONGJEONG BEACH. Yeah, earn that day at the beach.

Busan, being on the coast, has tons (well, maybe 7 or so?) of peninsulas jutting out into the ocean, and there are three parks that feature walks along the coast. There’s IGIDAE in Nam-Gu (Kyungsung/Namcheon); AMNAM PARK south of Nampo and Songdo Beach, and TAEJONGDAE on Yeongdo Island, also near-ish to Nampo.  (While you’re at Taejongdae, check out the Taejongdae Clam Tents for a weird-but-awesome clam bake experience!)

If you are looking for something along the coast but don’t know what check out the GALMAETGIL TRAILS, they are in multiple parts for any level.

Seokbulsa Temple, Busan, South Korea

Seokbulsa Temple


One of the BEST HIKES is the hike to SEOKBULSA TEMPLE. It’s the most unique Korean temple I’ve ever seen, as it’s built into a rockface. Pretty awesome. If you want to make a long hike of it, you can go up the cable car from Oncheonjang and wind your way there.

Another unique temple is HAEDONG YONGGUNGSA WATER TEMPLE, because the complex is built on the water. You’ll ride the bus for a while and then walk up the hill to the complex. Or you can HIKE FROM SONGJEONG BEACH TO THE WATER TEMPLE.

You can also hop on the relatively-new blue subway line and check out the beautiful and peaceful CHUNGNYEOLSA SHRINE built to honor the Koreans who died during the Japanese invasion in 1592.

HONGBEOPSA TEMPLE is a unique place go kind of ‘in the middle of nowhere’ just north of the Nopo bus terminal. It features a gigantic golden Buddha on the top as well as a ‘hear/speak/see no evil’ theme.

UN Cemetery and Peace Park, Busan, Korea

UN Cemetery


If you find yourself up north on the green line, check out the wonderful HWAMYEONG RIVERSIDE PARK. Great for running, walking, sunbathing, or… you know, whatever you do in parks.

Speaking of parks, another good one is PEACE PARK and the UN CEMETERY down in Nam-Gu, close to Kyungsung. Get your fill of culture at the beautiful cemetery, and then have a picnic at Peace Park.

And of course, for a sightseeing-type outing in Nampo, check out BUSAN TOWER and YONGDUSAN PARK. Take the escalator up from the fancy shopping street, and you’ll be there in no time, with minimal effort.


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  1. Hey, just want to add that the Hwamyeong park is great for in-line skating, soccer and badminton as well. Oh yeah, and that other thing that I do in parks. 😉

  2. In relation to the “mystery thing”. I moved to Dongdaesin and one of the teachers told me that there is a really good park near to me. She called it Daesin Park. I found this on koreabridge about it

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