May 132011

crowded shanghai chinese restaurant, kyungsung, busanI like Chinese food. I like the stuff they make in America, I like the take-out places in Europe, and I like the real stuff in China. That being said, I’m also no purist when it comes to Chinese cuisine. If it tastes good, then I’m happy. If it’s bad, then I’m not.

I’ve had plenty of ‘bad’ Chinese food episodes throughout the world too, of course. Most of them have actually occurred in Korea. I find that the main culprit is usually too much sauce. I don’t want my sweet and sour pork to be bathing in it – I just want it dabbled a little. I guess I like the more understated flavor.

shanghai chinese restaurant kyungsung

Up on the third floor above the 7-Eleven

Many of my ‘good’ Chinese experiences have happened at the Shanghai restaurant in Kyungsung. The sweet and sour pork (tang-soo-yook) is nicely done (not too much sauce!) and the spring rolls and dim-sum are fantastic. The menu is full of other dishes that seem a little more ‘Korean’, and I can’t really speak for those, but if you stick to the typical ‘western-Chinese’ dishes, you won’t be disappointed. That being said, if you’re looking for some authentic gourmet Chinese food that tastes like it does in China, this might not be your place.

Like other Chinese restaurants here, the orders are big enough to share with one or two other people. Main dishes cost around 13-15k, and smaller sides (spring rolls, dim-sum, soup, etc) are 6-9k.

shanghai restaurant seating, kyungsung, busanThe atmosphere is also a big reason why I like this place. It’s dimly lit and laid back, but there are always people around having fun. It’s a great place to just have some beer, eat some good food, and talk to your friends.

Directions: Kyungsung metro exit 5. Walk one block and turn left (just before the Outback). Shanghai is on the first corner on your right, on the 3rd floor above the 7-Eleven.

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