Apr 202011

front sign of cappuccino cafe kyungsung

We’re on the 3rd floor trying to get some work done, but the two college students a few tables over are smoking like factories and playing the loudest damn game of Kawi Bawi Bo I’ve ever heard in my life.

It goes on like that for five more minutes, and we’re starting to get perturbed by all the rocks and papers and scissors being thrown around. All of a sudden, my fiance asks: “Wait, did that guy just say ‘cowabunga’?” I look over at one of the guys who was now standing up and flexing triumphantly, wearing a Red Sox hat and a Yankees jacket. Cowabunga was evidently his winning cry, and just like that, they’re leaving the cafe.

table at cappuccino cafe

Yes, I DO bring my teddy bears everywhere with me.

That was our first time at Cappuccino, and luckily, our fifteen or so trips back there since then (we’re pretty much permanent fixtures there now) have been much quieter and laid back. Most of the clientele are college students because of its proximity to Pukyong Nat’l University, but they’re more the studious types.

The whole place looks and feels like an old house, with little study rooms and nooks everywhere. It has 3 floors (2 main floors with a split-level/mezanine in the middle), and there’s also a garden with lots of greenery that makes you feel like you’re not in the middle of a city. Really, though, no matter where you choose to sit, the atmosphere is cozy, and a great place to get some work done.

seating at cappuccino kyungsungThe service at Cappuccino is wonderful, and unlike most other cafes (but not restaurants), there’s a ‘magic button’ on the table to call the server. The beverages are good quality and of comparable price to other cafes in the area (see price list below). The cakes are good too. It’s also laptop-friendly. There are power extension cords galore, and Wifi is available. There are little post-it notes stuck all over the walls with the ID and password. If for some reason it’s not working, you can always borrow some wifi from the Avatar PC room next door (ID: avatarpc).

An enigma: they have a wine rack with wine… however, you can’t drink it (we’ve asked plenty of times). So if you want some booze, you have the choice between a black or white russian. Not a bad choice.

Definitely check this place out, especially if you have some work or studying to do and plan to be in a cafe for a while!

cappuccino cafe kyungsung third floorDrink Prices:
black tea – darjeeling, lemon, earl, jasmine, orange, kiwi: 4
herbal tea – hibiscus, rosemary, lavender, camomile: 4
americano: 3.8
espresso: 3.5
cappuccino: 4
hot chocolate: 4
black russian/white russian: 6k
milk shake: 5

Food Prices:
cheese cake, choc cake, tiramisu: 3.5
waffle: 2.5
bagle, croissant: 2
sandwich (egg + ham): 2.5

Directions: Kyungsung metro exit 5. Turn left out of the exit (around the corner) and go four blocks down the street. Turn left just past the Family Mart. Cappuccino is in the free-standing house on your left.

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