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*I’ve been doing a lot of running since moving to Busan, and I’m looking to map out some of the better running and biking places people have come across. I’m starting with Jangsan because that’s where I live, if you’ve got any suggestions, let us know!

Jangsan is an excellent neighborhood for running. The toughest decision is usually whether you want the mountains or the beaches. For anybody living in, moving to, or just planning on visiting the Haeundae area, running can be a great way to get a sense of direction and see the area. Here’s a map and description of my three favorite running spots, all starting from Jangsan Station:

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1. Haeundae Beach Run (green trail): This is my favorite run by far. I leave from my apartment, right by Jangsan Station, go toward Haeundae, past the Rodeo Outlets, and toward Haeundae Beach. I run the length of the beach, around Dongbaek Island, and back the way I came. It’s not strenuous, but there are enough little hills to keep it exciting.

-The Good: Is there any better way to remind yourself how much you love Busan than a cool morning run along its most famous beach? An added bonus is the Dongbaek track is pretty much exactly one kilometer, so if you want to add on, just do a few extra laps.

-The Bad: Is there any better way to remind yourself how much you hate Busan than by sweating your butt off and snaking through masses of people, all the while child after special child screams “hello,” then runs away giggling? This path is definitely to be avoided during peak hours and beach season.

2. Jangsan Reservoir Run (blue trail): This is a pretty nice, mostly shaded, run for summer. There are also nice mountain views most of the way. I start from my apartment, run toward Seongjeong, then turn left onto the path by the footbridge. Follow that path over the next footbridge, then turn right. Cross the busy street, which can be a pain, then go toward the mountains. Turn left onto the apartment pedestrian path and follow it through two small intersections. At the big road, turn right and go toward Daecheon Park. I usually do a few laps around the reservoir, then exit the park and jump on the little river path to finish the loop.

-The Good: Usually very few people to deal with. I like the mountain area and if you’re feeling extra vigorous you can take the road pretty far up onto Jangsan mountain. Also the shade is really nice on hot days.

-The Bad: There are many roads to cross. These roads may be busy. Crossing may be difficult. I’ve worked out a way to avoid most with footbridges or going under along the river, but if you’re opposed to illegal street crossing, you could have some long waits at traffic lights.

3. Dalmaji Hill Run (red trail): I do this one pretty rarely, and every time, I swear I’ll never do it again. It’s beautiful, but it’s strenuous. The trouble is the way the hill curves you’re fooled into thinking that you’re near the top several times before you’re anywhere near the top. It is a great way to increase your speed and strength, though.

-The Good: Usually not many people around. If you’re into trail running you can jump onto the moon trail and take that pretty far. You’ll feel really good about yourself for a few minutes going down the hill.

-The Bad: It’s a long uphill climb, followed by a steep downhill. In order to save my knees, I usually walk the steepest downhill part. It’s just really hard.

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  1. If you feel like doing two beaches in one run, I recommend running along Haeeundae Beach past the mariner across Suyoung River down past the Gwangali fish markets along Gwangali beach to the red flower pot on the corner by Samik Apartments.

    I would agree that the best time for running in Busan is when no bodies about and for this I find the best times to be Saturday and Sunday mornings before eleven when most are recovering from soju and maekju induced morning glories!

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