Apr 212011

the sign at king beer mart, seomyeonI’ve seen about a bajillion ‘beer marts’ around and heard a lot about them, but I had never actually gone in one until the other night.

After visiting, it’s pretty much what you think it is: a beer mart. They sell beer. But they also provide you a nice relaxed place (hof-atmosphere) in which to drink that beer. There are also some snacks on sale (popcorn, chips, squid jerky), but we didn’t bother with those.

the big tree inside the king beer martThe beer selection is pretty much the same that you’d see at a Wa-Bar, which is to say it’s much more extensive than your typical hof or shop. The prices are fairly decent, too – definitely cheaper than in a hof or restaurant.

The reason to come here (or a place like it) is the beer. It was just really nice to NOT drink Hite or Cass. Not that I dislike either of those – it’s just that sometimes, a beer that you can actually taste is a pretty awesome thing.

Posted hours: 5pm-4am

shopping at king beer mart seomyeon

They even give you a little cute basket!!!!!!

Selection and price list (I probably missed a couple, so forgive me):
3.0k – Bud, Hite, Cass
4.0k – Tsingtao
4.5k – Heineken, San Miguel, Bud Lite, Singha, Kirin, Lowenbrau, Carlsberg, MGD
4.8k – VB, Hoegarten, Red Dog, Tiger, Beck’s Dark, Beck’s
5.3k – XXXX, Leffe,
5.4k – Woodstock
5.5k – Pilsner Urquell
6.5k – Sam Adams
6.8k – Guiness, 500ml Kozel Black
7.8k – 640ml Tsingtao
9.0k – 640ml Heineken

Directions: Seomyeon metro exit 2. Walk down a few blocks to Judie’s Taehwa and turn left. Walk down a few blocks, past the CGV, past Bubble. You’ll see the colorful sign on the 2nd floor on your right.
ALTERNATIVELY (a little faster if you’re coming from east of Seomyeon), get off at Jeonpo station on line 2, go out exit 7, take your first left, and walk a few blocks. You’ll see the King Beer Mart on the second floor on your left.

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  1. Is this site still up and running? If so, does any store or bar sell Grand Canyon microbrew? It’s not the best beer in Arizona but I’m curious. Tks

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