Apr 042011

Part of the Busan Music Scene

the sign outside for the basement in pnu

The sign out front

The Basement is one of those places that everybody in Busan is supposed to know about. Mentions of it are often prefaced with phrases like legendary and the most popular expat bar in Busan. For months now, when it’s been brought up, I’ve been pretending that I’ve been there. I didn’t want people to think I was a loser. To think I wasn’t hip with the goings on around Busan. Well, now I have been there, and I can successfully look back and realize I was actually a loser. It’s alright, though, now I’m cool.

interior of the basement, located in PNU

The cozy interior of The Basement

The Basement wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Seeing the live music listings, I imagined it was just a PNU version of Vinyl Underground. I guess there are name associations at play as well, since basements are usually underground. Still, the inside was much smaller and cozier than I was imagining. The crowd was pretty laid back as well. Genius Rock, who I’d seen a few weeks earlier at the Vinyl punk show, was set to play later that night.

stairway leading down into the basement, in pnu

Stairway leading down into The Basement

The drinks are cheap, and the bar is really fun. It’s relaxed and everyone is extremely friendly. They also have a big screen to watch soccer games on, which makes me happy.

If I lived closer to PNU, I could definitely see myself hanging out at the Basement far more than would be healthy. It’s got a more intimate feel, and much better ambience than a lot of the other expat bars in Busan. So if you’re like me, and have been living a shameful lie by pretending you’ve been to The Basement, maybe now is the time to venture up to PNU and actually check it out.

Directions:  From the PNU metro stop, go out exit 1.  Walk straight for two blocks.  Go through the big intersection.  Continue straight until the next big road, then turn right.  Walk for a block and a half.  Look for the black and green basement sign on your right.

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