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Great meat restaurant with a funny back story.  Jangsan, BusanIt can be difficult to tell what is good at Korean meat places. I’m far from being a meat connoisseur, in fact I’ve chosen to be a vegetarian for long periods at least twice in my life. Aside from the basics of galbi, bulgogi, and samgyeopsol there’s a lot about Korean meat that I don’t understand. I usually prefer not to ask questions. If I like something I’ll make a note of it and try it again next time.

That’s been my approach to what I’ve dubbed the “Twin Pig” restaurants. Or 마보신주먹구이 for those who know their Hangeul. This was one of the first meat restaurants I ate at after moving to Busan. It’s still my favorite. We’ve always just ordered the medium set, which is the 36,000 won option on the menu. It comes with three really nice cuts of meat that the waiters cook for you at the table, followed by a few plates of assorted meat and pig skin pieces to cook on your own. The medium set should be enough for three people, though we usually go hungry and two of us take our time and eat it, along with a few beers and shots of soju.

Supposedly the reason for having two identical locations directly across from each otherSecond identical location found across the street from other twin pigs restaurant has to do with a conflict between the two brothers who ran the original, so to be spiteful one of the brothers moved directly across the pedestrian plaza and opened up the same restaurant. They both have identical menus, and I’ve noticed they both list the same phone numbers, so if this story is true, it at least seems like they’ve made nice now.

One of the best parts about these places is the salsa dipping sauce. We’ve tried to figure out what’s in it, but all that really matters is it’s fantastic. When my friend and I go in, the waiters automatically bring an extra bowl of it to our table.

Oh yeah, just a warning note, they do bring bondeggie (silk warm larvae) as a side dish. So if you’re one of those whose vomit reflex is triggered at the slightest hint of bondeggie smell, you might want to tell them no ahead of time. Otherwise just ignore it. Or try it, you might like it. But probably not.

Small but delicious menu from Twin Pigs Restaurant.  Try the 36,000 won medium set

Definitely check out the “Twin Pigs” restaurants if you’re in the mood for some meat, but are a little bit bored with the same options you can get a t Donesu anywhere.

Directions: It’s behind the 2001 Outlet. Jangsan station exit 4. Walk straight to the street behind 2001, turn left. At the next street turn right. Both restaurants will be on the left.

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