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I’m sure I’ve previously mentioned my utter disdain for the Busan section of the Lonely Planet Korea.  This is no slam on the guy who wrote it, since  I’ve got no idea what kind of limits or requirements they put on him.  Still, the Busan section is small, inaccurate, lists Holly’s coffee as one of two places to drink in Nampo, and generally makes Busan sound like Trenton, New Jersey with a few mountains and beaches interspersed.  I feel that the second largest, and first awesomest city in Korea deserves a little better.  They do mention some useful places on occasion, though.

Great coffee shop - coffee roaster in Jangsan/Haeundae, BusanOh yeah, Adagio Coffee.  They have the best coffee I’ve had in Busan.  It’s not even close.  It reminds me of the Commonplace Coffee Roasters in Pennsylvania where I always bought bags of coffee, and continue to drink countless cups of coffee from when I visit home.  The guy roasting definitely knows what he’s doing.  It’s also quite a bit cheaper than the chain places lining the main streets of Jangsan.

I usually get coffee to go.  The interior is nice and the workers are extremely friendly, but it’s not a great place to linger.  It doesn’t have that cosy ‘take your computer or book and hang out for a few hours’ sort of feel.  It’s mainly comprised of four person tables, at which I feel awkward sitting alone.  Also daytime crowds of housewives tend to occupy Adagio during my usual work and drink-coffee hours.

My main reason for going is usually to buy bags of good coffee.  They’re obviously a bitReally good coffee for a decent price in Busan. more expensive than at home, but 7,000 – 8,000 won for a 100 gram bag of good coffee beans in Korea is not a bad deal.  Especially considering that a crappy Americano at Tom and Tom’s is gonna be over 4,000.   The owner has also been known to throw in a free bag of ‘sample coffee’ from time to time as well.

I only mentioned the Lonely Planet earlier because Adagio is strangely listed in the most recent edition.  I love it and would recommend anyone in Busan who is missing reasonably priced, good coffee to check it out.  It doesn’t really strike me as a tourist hot-spot, but for those of us living here, it’s very nice to have nearby.

Directions: Jangsan exit 4.  It’s in the small street behind the 2001 outlet.  Make the first left off the main road, then turn right.  Adagio will be on the left.

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  1. I definitely agree with you – Adagio is the best coffee I’ve had in Busan thus far. I always get a bag of beans and a coffee to go when I’m there.

  2. Hi,

    As you are coffee men and bloggers, I would recommend “Coffee Story” and “Angel Coffee” in Gwangali for ya reviews.

    Coffee Story is above Bianco Bar on the road behind the beach. It has great views of the bridge, good coffee, a nice brunch and some half decent sandwiches. They have lots of tables, free wi-fi and a separate smoking balcony.

    Angel Coffee is on the beach road next to Thursday Party. This place’s coffee must be good because other private coffee bars in the area get their coffee from this place. For that reason, they appear to be more of a supplier than a true coffee bar. Though, you can sit and drink in their rather small seating area with views of the ocean.

    I hope you don’t mind me mentioning other coffee bars when you are writing about one in Haeeundae. But, I thought you might like to know about these places, too.

    Have a good day.

  3. Adagio Coffee Roasting House is no longer there as it became a food restaurant.

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