May 172011

Colorful lighted interior of Beer Check Hof, Gwangalli, Busan

(Now Closed)

It was around this time (May) about two years ago that I first visited Busan. I came with a group of friends from both Seoul and Dongtan, where I was living at the time. We stayed at a semi-sleazy love/tourist motel right along the main strip of Gwangalli beach and did most of our drinking and hanging out on the beach.
While many of the large staples, such as Bikini, Guess Who, Wa-Bar, and Thursday Party were already there, it seemed difficult to find enticing places to get a drink back then. Everywhere seemed like a tourist trap or chain bar.

I don’t know if Beer Check has always been there or not. I actually just noticed it the other day for the first time while walking along the beach. We were disappointed because we’d been unable to get tickets for the sold-out Lotte Giants game, so we were looking for a place to eat some chicken, drink beer, and watch baseball.

Beer Check worked well for all three of those. Plus there is a great balcony areaGreat view and fancy beer cooling pitchers at Beer Check, Gwangalli overlooking the beach. My only complaint is that there is a huge post blocking the television from most of the balcony seats, otherwise it was pretty ideal.

It’s really just a basic Korean Hof with a great view. They have the standard Hof menu. I think the chicken was 17,000. Other items range from 10,000 to 20,000. They have the fancy large tap systems with an ice holder built in, which will come in handy for afternoons in summer when it gets way too hot. Beer prices are pretty normal as well. I think the 2,000cc pitcher was 11 or 12 thousand. 700cc glasses were 4,000.

If you’re looking for a relaxed place to sit outside, watch baseball, and drink beer without being surrounded by crowds of other foreigners, Beer Check is a pretty good option.

Directions: Geumyeonsan Metro Station Exit 1.  Turn back and and make an immediate left toward the beach.  Walk to the beach road and turn left.  Beer Check is a few blocks ahead on the left.

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