May 122011

shaker bar outside view, nampo-dong, busan

As my good friend (and co-brain behind this site) Tom so eloquently put it, Shaker in Nampo is ‘self-consciously sleazy’. Other words that come to mind that describe the interior are ‘kitschy’ and ‘garish’. But that’s exactly why I love Shaker… that and the fact that they happened to be having a 3k Jaeger-bomb special that night.

some seating at shaker bar, nampo-dong, busanYes, the interior is awesome. Leopard-print couches, a giant cage (although not quite large enough for a human), and old-fashioned 60s spy movie paintings (think: old James Bond movie poster style) make for a really awesome interior. This is mixed nicely with some good ol’ bar stuff: a pool table and darts – and what every Korean bar seems to have these days – a fire-juggling-bartender-show. The show is actually of a way better quality than others I’ve seen, but it’s also a little bit longer than normal, so you have to wait that much longer for a drink.

the bar at shaker bar in nampo-dongDrink-wise, it’s a bit expensive. They have some normal mixed drinks for around 7-9k. They also have some other ‘special’ cocktails that’ll run you 10k, and then they have some FIRE cocktails that go for 15k. I was scared to try these drinks not only because of the price, but also because of the names… Tarantula; Dr. Killer; Die; Dead; and Alien Egg. Intriguing, but not intriguing enough to get us to purchase them.

When we went, they had a Jaeger special going on with cheap shots and cheap Jaeger-bombs (3k each). Go for the specials if they have them. They also don’t have any beers on draft. Only bottles.

pool table at shaker bar, nampo-dong, busanThe clientele range from hip & stylish Koreans to rich divorced men with too much cash (he told us so, and showed us his bank account slip to prove it) to foreigners who hit on the bartenders. Altogether, the mix makes for a kick-ass, swanky time.

Directions: From Nampo’s main shopping street, find the big main square (with the big steps and the statue) and turn up the street that passes the ABC Mart. Shaker will be a little more than half-way up that street on your right, on the second floor.

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