May 172011

front sign of soul trane bar and crossroads bar, pnu, busanIt’s early and the bar isn’t crowded yet. There are only a couple other people sitting at the bar, most likely the bartender’s friends, based on their interaction. I think we all look as a girl walks in, book in hand, and sits at a table two down from us. She sets down her book and takes out a pack of Marlboro Lights and a blue transparent lighter and sets them down on the book and she walks back up to the bar. She comes back, Budweiser in hand now, sits down, lights up, picks up her book, and reads. My friend looks over at the other two of us. We’ve all been watching. “That’s awesome,” he says. We all nod and take a pull off our beers.

Soul Trane is the kind of feels like your cool uncle’s basement. There are records all over the place, a drum set set up, a big screen projector TV, and of course, the bar. Its red brick interior feels homey and comfortable, while still exuding a party atmosphere. In investment terms, it’s chill, with an option to get rowdy. Wait, what?

interior of soul trane bar, pnu, busanSoul Trane is in the basement of the same building as Crossroads. It’s got a good setup for live music, and drinks are cheap – 3000k for Red Rock beer – not bad at all!

Directions: PNU Metro exit 3. Walk straight out till you get to a main road (Starbucks on the corner on your left), and turn RIGHT. Go through the busy intersection past Busan Bank and go one more block and turn LEFT. Soul Trane is on your right.

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