Jun 212011

Exterior of Oak CnC cafe, Kyungsung, BusanMy fiancé and I started our EFL teaching stint in Prague. I don’t know if you’ve ever been, but Prague=beer. Cheap beer. And good beer. While I totally miss the beer, what I miss more is the atmosphere of the beer-drinking establishments. Beer gardens are of course high on that list, as are the regular pubs, but the venue that I maybe miss the most is the cafe/pub. It’s a cafe… that happens to serve beer. You can go read, get some work done, have a beer, and just chill.

Front sign of Oak CnC, Kyungsung, BusanMost Korean establishments don’t really go well with this. You can go to a hof, which has beer. But then it’s weird if you’re alone buying a 3000 cc pitcher of Cass. You can go to a cafe… but then there’s no beer. Some of the expat bars in town are laid back enough that you can go and read or work, but most of those don’t open till late, and still have the propensity to get rowdy.

So the quest for just such a cafe was an unfruitful one, UNTIL NOW.

Luckily for us, we found Oak CnC in Kyungsung. Hell yeah! I’ve passed this place a ton of times, usually when drunk, but had never gone into Oak Cnc, until early last week, when we had some work to get done, but still wanted to make it a drinking study session. They have beer on tap as well as wine (the cheapest is at 20,000 a bottle… and unfortunately they don’t do by-the-glass). Fantastic.

Oak has 2 main floors and a small mezzanine, good comfortable seats and nice tables. It has an upscale, yet comfy atmosphere. It’s a great place to meet some friends, kill some time or get work done.

First floor of Oak CnC, Kyungsung, Busan The mezzanine of Oak CnC cafe, Kyungsung, Busan


Directions: Kyungsung metro exit 5. Go straight one block and turn LEFT before the Outback. Go down 2 blocks, and it’s on the corner on your LEFT.

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The menu:
Cass on tap (300 cc-3000. 500 cc-4000. 700 cc-5000)
Asahi on tap (300 cc-6000. 425 cc-8000)

Cafri, Hite, Budweiser, Cass – 4000.
Hoegarten, Heineken, Corona, Miller – 7000.

Bottles from 20,000 to 50,000

Black tea or herb tea (many assortments) 4000-5000
Espresso 4000
Cappuccino, Latte, etc. 4500
Frappuccino 6000
Hot Chocolate, cola, cider 4000
Juice (many varieties) 6000
Shakes (many varieties) 5500
Smoothie (many varieties) 5000-6000

Waffles (many) 4000
Cakes (many) 3500
Ice cream (many) 5000
Patbinsu (bean ice) 8000

Burger 9000
Fried potato platter 13,000
Many other foods for the table to share ranging from 10,000 to  20,000

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  1. Nice…
    I suppose this neighborhood is where Kyungsung University is.
    I will make sure to visit this joint next time I visit Busan.

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