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Front of Beached Bar, Gwangalli, BusanBeached has quickly become my new favorite expat bar in Busan. It’s got a lot going for it. The first thing that sets it apart is obviously the view. The handful of times I’ve been there over the past few weeks have all been clear days when the large windows were open, over-looking Gwangalli beach onto the Diamond Bridge. I’d imagine hanging out, having a few beers, on a cool rainy day would be nearly as nice. For being in such a beautiful location, Beached has a remarkably laid back vibe to it.

There’s a big bar with really comfortable seats to sit around, and they usually have sports playing on the television. Since it’s New Zealand owned, I’d imagine there is a lot of rugby to be watched, but it’s also a great place to catch the Lotte Giants games.

Interior of Beached Bar in Gwangalli, BusanThe menu is very reasonably priced. I’ve gotten the fish and chips a few times and been very satisfied with it. I still give the edge to Starface for my favorite fish’n’chips in Busan, but Beached is cheaper. I’ve also had the chicken and chips, which was very good as well. For those who are interested they also offer some marmite and vegemite based foods. I’ve never quite understood those, but some people seem to like them.

As for drinks, I’ve mainly stuck with the Max Draft for 3000 won a pint. They have a cooler full of Monteith’s, which I’m excited to try at some point when I’m not feeling quite so thrifty. They also make a pretty good bloody mary for those hungover Sunday afternoons.

Interior of Beached Bar in Gwangalli, BusanSo if you’re in the mood to have some drinks, eat some fish and chips, watch a game, or just relax and enjoy the view, Beached is my personal favorite option in Busan as far as expat bars are concerned. I’m a person who tends to visit expat places sparingly, but Beached has enough of a laid back feel to make me want to become a regular.


Directions:  Geumyeonsan Metro Station Exit 1.  Turn back and and make an immediate left toward the beach.  Walk to the beach road and turn left.  Beer Check is a few blocks ahead on the left.

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  1. This review is several years out of date. This place is a dive, and not even in a fun/funky way. Went there on a Sunday afternoon and they had no food whatsoever. As in, a restaurant with no food. Bartender was eating while working and talking with his mouth full; gross and unsanitary. Doesn’t know how to mix a cocktail. If you want to pay $7 for a glass of Kirkland-brand bottled grapefruit juice, be my guest. This place has the best view on Gwangalli, but it’s being wasted. No customer service; had to literally get our own drinks out of the refrigerator and get our own napkins, coasters, and bottle-opener. Seriously. I’m cool with places that are funky/earthy in a fun way, but this place is downright grimy and sleazy.

    • Hey there Claire…Im Craig the owner of Beached. Im in the states at the moment…thought i left the bar in capable hands…obviously not!! I will be back by the weekend and will obviously have to kick a bit of ass!! vodka cranberry should only be 5…i do cocktails thought the staff were trained to take over again obviously wrong! also thought we had worked out the food issue…so looks like i have my work cut out for me!! cheers for pointing it out as would never have known…if u do find yourself back our way let me know and i will throw a couple on the house.

      Cheers again


  2. This review is most definitely out of date.
    I was there for the fireworks show this past weekend.
    Immediately upon arrival it became apparent that apart from the owner and someone running the kitchen, there was no staff to speak of. This was puzzling as this saturday night is the busiest of the year in Gwangalli.
    After being there for two hours some expats (friends of the owner) came to work as staff. Things were very busy and it was obvious that these friends were not actual staff and were just doing their mate a favour. Drinks took forever and I waited over an hour and a half for my food. A friend of mine actually waited two hours for hers due to an order mix up. Although the “staff” did their very best, it didn’t help very much. One “staff” member actually walked away from my friend as he was inquiring as to the whereabouts of our food. Literally mid-sentence.
    My girlfriend went to order two drinks at the bar. The owner made the drinks and then went to speak to another patron across the bar with my girlfriend’s drinks in hand. After waiting for 5 minutes while watching her drinks adjusting to room temperature she spoke out and asked for her drinks that were right in front of the owner.
    The response she got was, “Oh, what’s your problem.”

    Late food, late drinks, rude service.
    It’s a great bar that’s ineptly run.
    In all my years in Korea that was the worst foreigner-run bar experience I have ever had.
    2/10, won’t ever be returning.

  3. I’ve posted my experience of Beached on another website but I’m going to post it here aswell.

    This is by far the worst pub I’ve ever been in. I’m Swedish and went here with my Korean friend and was treated with nothing but disrespect. The pub owner, who I think is a New Zeeland drunkard called Craig insisted on doing nothing but actually charge me for the beer, i.e. I had to go and get the beer myself and was denied having a Korean beer as I had come to a New Zeeland pub and therefor had to drink whatever beer the bartender saw fit. When my friend bought me a beer the owner smugly commented “you let your girlfriend pay you cheap bastard?”

    I might come across like a bit stiff and unable to handle banter, but this really doesn’t come down to me, it’s just an awful pub with a terrible owner. Just don’t go there.

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